Caribbean Islands

Cruising around the Caribbean

Cruising around the Caribbean

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Strung out in the far west of the Atlantic Ocean are the Caribbean Islands, famed for their year-round fine weather, exotic culture and fantastic collection of beaches.

Once thought of as a prime holiday destination among honeymooners and retirees, the Caribbean is now popular among travellers of all ages looking for a relaxing, sun-drenched getaway.

The archipelago comprises a whopping 700 islands altogether, making going on a cruise the best way to see as much of the Caribbean as possible.

Island hopping allows you to get a feel for each individual place, and there’s nothing like being constantly on the move to make you feel like you’re on a real adventure.

That said, the great thing about cruises is that they also give you the chance to unwind at the end of a long day of exploring. Watch the sun set over the coast as you sip fine wine and enjoy a gourmet dinner with your special someone.

Seafarer’s Leeward Islands itinerary is ideal for those who want to visit a number of Caribbean islands without having to organise the transport themselves.

As far as cruise experiences go, they don’t get much better than sitting aboard a majestic Tall Ship in full sail, carving its way through the waves. Particularly as the vessel is capable of showing you every centimetre of the characteristic coastline – something a full-sized cruiser simply can’t do.

Among the highlights are trips to Dominica, where you can hike through steamy rainforests; Antigua, celebrated for its vast range of coastal offerings and charming pubs; and St Barts, which is great for beaches and shopping.

You’ll also discover the wonders of Nevis, St Maartens, Deshaies Guadeloupe and Terre-de-Haut while enjoying the many comforts provided by the team aboard the Caribbean Star Clipper.

Cruises are the perfect way to cover a large area without fuss, which is ideal for those who want to explore vast regions like the Caribbean.

You’ll also rub shoulders with like-minded people looking for a similar experience, and there’s even the chance you’ll make friends for life. That’s not to mention the holiday glow you’ll return with – during the summer months, temperatures tend to hit 30 degrees C and above.

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