M/S Cosmos


A lifetime experience cruising the Greek islands in understated luxury on M/S Cosmos.
This elegant Greek built motor sailer, boasts individual design for each of its 4 cabins, spacious stylish common areas, Burma Teak finish on deck and Mahogany and Iroko in its interior. The yacht is designed and furnished with natural materials and with care and in harmony with the environment to offer a very individual and tailor made holiday.
The hospitable crew will discreetly offer a high quality service and with our knowledge of the Greek islands we will take you to remote beaches and idyllic spots to make the most of the cruising experience.


A stunning vessel that combines the ancient craftsmanship of Greek shipbuilding in its highest evolution expression, together with everything that is contemporary in the art of living naturally and healthy.
A human scale environment, where luxury is omnipresent but knowingly understated.

Our unique concept

The natural surroundings are omnipresent: our Aegean Sea, the most history-flled sea of the world, famous for its natural wonders and man-made splendor. We tried to showcase all this by creating a suitable mean to explore it elegantly and sustainably, while enhancing the beauty unfolding in front of the eyes.

We plan our voyages to be a statement of utmost comfort, style and hospitality, the Experience of a Lifetime. What we offer is the perfect opportunity to refresh your senses, fll your heart with unforgettable memories, while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your private yacht.

Our hand picked itineraries

Proud to come from a great island country and having sailed throughout its seas all our lives, we used the inspiration given by these journeys to Suggest:


A relaxed 10-14 days cruising through the verdant archipelago of Sporades and the Allonissos- Kira Panagia Marine Park. Situated north from Athens, in the northwest side of the Aegean Sea, the verdant archipelago of Sporades is an island paradise boasting a unique combination of cosmopolitan vibes and traditional character is the perfect playground for a longer, more relaxed voyage. A 10 -11 nights sailing through the 3 more famous islands, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, along with the National Marine Park and deserted island will leave you speechless and than turn you into a storyteller.


We meticulously selected a 8-10 days itinerary that blends history hubs and cosmopolitan destinations, exotic beaches and Aegean flavors. For holidaymakers who want to experience the typical Greek island dream, the Cyclades is the perfect choice. Whitewashed houses, blue domed churches, vestiges of prehistoric settlements, azure bays and famous beaches are amongst the sceneries you will adore for life. A permanent destination on jetsetters map , the Cyclades are so diverse, so stunning and so memorable, they will defnitely make guests fall in love with Greece

Our commitment to Green, Ethical, Sustainable Tourism

We strive to leave behind the minimum carbon footprint. It started with the Beginning. Every effort was made to use as much as possible local materials or reconditioned wood for the vessel reconstruction, timber from controlled foresting and local workmanship. It continues while we sail. Most of our food offered is from organic, fair-trade and local sources, while our Chef is striving to use in season produce and buys local in the ports of call.


Our cleaning products are certifed as biodegradable. Renewable energy from the photo-voltaic batteries support the ship’s energy consumption. We also reduced to the minimum the use of single-use plastics on board and do waste sorting and recycling on our voyages. We also try to impact positively on the local communities by supporting the cleansing of our seas and the marine environment through various volunteering activities.


M/S Cosmos is now available for charter starting summer 2019. This yacht is a traditional “Karavoskaro” built back in 1979, which has been fully rebuilt in 2019/20 to ensure highest standards of Mediterranean hospitality. She can accommodate nine guests in four stunning cabins, each with a distinct identity.

Being exactly where she belongs, in Greece, m/s Cosmos invites all sea lovers looking for a luxurious authentic experience to join us on board.

We look forward to our cooperation!!

M/S Cosmos
Launched / Rebuilt 2016
Length 24.80 metres
Breadth 6.50 metres
Crew 4 persons
Max speed 10 knots
Cabins 4 en suite (1 triple)

Private charter

If you would like to know more about this yacht or our private yacht charter services, please call on +44 (0) 2083243117 or email [email protected].