Greece appeals to LGBT travellers

Greece, and Athens in particular, have been named preferred destinations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender holidaymakers, who said that they feel completely comfortable travelling the nation with their spouse or partner.

This is according to research released earlier this week (November 5th) by the leading global travel networking association Out Now Business Class (ONBC) at the World Travel Market in London.

The ranking placed Greece ninth on a list of the top ten leading country destinations, and Athens ninth on a list of the top ten European city destinations for 2015.

America, France and Australia topped the list, while Amsterdam, London and Paris were the preferred cities.

Chief executive of Out Now Global, Ian Johnson, commended all countries and cities that had been named as part of the survey.

"The number one motivating factor for consumers is needing to know before they go that they can relax and be comfortable being themselves on holidays," he said.

"Nobody wants to worry that the staff that serve them in a location might be uncomfortable with their sexual orientation or gender identity. People would prefer to stay elsewhere."

According to the World Tourism Organization, the LGBT consumer takes an average four trips a year, the majority in the mid-range, immediately followed by luxury class.

The research highlighted the fact that LGBT tourism has bloomed into an increasingly competitive international market, estimated at more than $200 billion in annual spending.

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