Call to preserve Costa Rica crocs

Crocodiles in Costa Rica are becoming a major tourist attraction thanks to their immense size and the fact they are easy to observe. The beasties are proving very popular, with visitors going out of their way to find places to watch them from.

However, experts at the Crocodile Conservation Commission are calling on tourists to exercise caution, as their behaviours might have a negative impact on the creatures and their habitat.

According to the organisation, it is becoming a popular pastime to approach the crocodiles while they are sunning themselves on the beach near the Tarcoles River. This particular stretch of water is renowned for being home to a lot of the animals, and there are even tours that allow and encourage foreign visitors to feed them with their own hands.

Such behaviour is extremely dangerous not just to the people offering food but also to the crocodiles themselves, who may well be driven away from their homes by an influx of visitors bothering them.

"Crocodiles are naturally aggressive and attack to defend their territory," crocodile researcher Ivan Sandoval said, adding that the CCC had calculated that there were 9.22 of the reptiles per linear kilometer of the Tarcoles River. 

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