Maldives continues to impress visitors

The Maldives has once again received considerable acclaim for its tourist opportunities, with the archipelago being voted top of the Conde Nast Traveller Magazine's official favourite destinations list.

This ranking, compiled by the mass media company, is particularly impressive since it is voted by readers of the magazine. Voters opted for the stunning destination above all others, bumping last year's favourite the Balearic Islands into fifth place.

Writers of Conde Nast speculated that the 26 atolls that comprise the Maldives succeeded in clinching the top spot largely due to their subtly different characters – something that allows for plenty of variety on a beach holiday.

Indeed, it's been good news for a variety of Seafarer destinations, with the ever popular Greek Islands coming in at second place on the prestigious ranking. Sicily also proved it still has what it takes to bring in the luxury holidaymakers, with readers placing it third, and the Seychelles scored the sixth spot. Malta also squeezed into the top ten.

Destinations were ranked according to six criteria, including the quality of the beaches, how stunning the scenery is, value for money, cuisine, places to stay and the spirit of the local people.

Associate editor of Conde Nast Peter Browne commented that while the archipelago attained a strong overall score, reviewers had cited one aspect of the country in particular; namely, its stunning coastlines.

"The Maldives came out first thanks to high scores across the board, but most notably for its white-sand beaches," he confirmed.

"Closer to home, the Greek Islands, which have come in the top ten for a decade or more, are in part so popular because our readers love open-hearted Greek hospitality."

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