Seychelles promotes beach attractions for tourists

Tourists have long visited the Seychelles in anticipation of witnessing unspoilt beauty and incredible nature. But now, they could be set to add culinary delights and unique Seychelles culture to the list, following new efforts from the country's tourism and culture minister Alain St Ange.

During an interview with Weekend Business, Mr St Ange identified several key areas that he is working to improve upon in order to bring more people to the beautiful shores. According to him, beachside markets and carnivals could allow the Seychelles to bring in more tourists than ever before.

Mr St Ange cited a recent celebration – the Praslin Culinary & Arts Fiesta that was held during the first week of September – declaring it to be highly successful in promoting traditional Seychellois culture and attracting many international visitors.

"The fiesta that was held over three days last week has seen the unconditional support of many tourism establishments, and some hoteliers and restaurateurs have gone the extra mile in creating a festive mood with a Seychellois Creole flavour at their own properties," he said.

"The Praslin Culinary and Arts Fiesta was aimed at bringing out the best in our unique culture and this has been achieved."

According to Mr St Ange, more events that capitalise on the unique selling point of various islands within the country could prove equally successful in introducing Seychellois culture to holidaymakers – something that we highly approve of here at Seafarer.

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