River cruising continues upward trend

The spiralling popularity of river cruising is showing no signs of slowing down, according to industry experts, with the launch of 30 vessels this summer alone, the holiday type is proving popular with the market.

Indeed, Cruise Critic claim that this could well be one of the biggest years to date for river cruising, which has been fast gaining in popularity over the past decade to the point where growth currently outpaces that of conventional cruises.

In the past five years, river cruises have seen a ten per cent annual passenger increase, while the cruise industry as a whole has seen a lower – but still impressive – seven per cent rise over the same period.

A recent poll from the holiday review website indicated more than 60 per cent of those polled would entertain the idea of trying a cruise on a river as opposed to the open ocean, with many citing the different inland experiences offered by such an itinerary as their primary motivation.

"River cruise lines are working hard to appeal to a broad audience," according to Adam Coulter, UK editor of Cruise Critic. "This is a great time for anyone interested in a river cruise."

There's no denying you get an altogether different experience aboard a vessel sailing a river rather than an ocean, with a greater number of destinations being cited as one of the major motivating factors.

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