Turkey to welcome 45 million tourists

Turkey's spectacular scenery and fascinating culture could well attract 45 million tourists this year, according to the chairman of the Turkish Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation Bendevi Palandoken.

His statements come off the back of recent statistics published by the government's tourism department, which stated the number of visitors to the nation increased by 7.6 per cent last year to reach almost 40 million.

Of the predicted 45m,  22 million are expected to enjoy the country as part of a cruise in 2014, with Turkey's ports looking more busy and bustling than ever before.

"While world ports expect five per cent growth in the cruise tourism industry, Turkey's growth potential is above the world average," stated the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies in a recently issued report.

According to Mr Palandoken, Turkey' tourism income totalled $32.5 billion (£19.2 billion) last year, with foreign tourists spending an average of $749 each during their time in the nation. It's certainly good news for the country's tourist industry as a whole, which in 2013 supported 1.5 million people.

However, while the chairman was quick to praise the efforts from everyone that had succeeded in making Turkey a viable holiday destination for millions, he added that the entire sector must continue striving for perfection, with the introduction of various measures that could make it a safer and more welcoming destination.

These include clamping down on illegal alcohol sales and employing the electronic visas that have recently been introduced across the borders.

Turkey is a spectacular place to visit, with a jaw-dropping coastline and an East-meets-West atmosphere that is unique to the country. If you're interested in a one-of-a-kind perspective on this incredible nation, consider taking one of our cruises around Turkey, which offer comfort and adventure aboard a traditional Turkish gulet.