Cuba seeks to boost nautical tourism

Cuba is seeking to make use of its natural assets by promoting its spectacular coastline and the activities that can be carried out there in the tourist board's latest campaign.

Offerings promoted by various companies in a new advertising push are particularly keen to highlight the glittering azure waters that holidaymakers adore to experience, as well as the pristine beaches and the extensive – yet non-invasive – facilities.

At the head of the effort is the Marlin Nautical and Marinas Entrepreneurial Group, which promotes the Cuban insular shelf as a particular must-see spot for its coral reefs, which foster biodiversity and beauty on a colossal scale.

Snorkelling, diving and kayaking are among the other recommended activities, as is simply enjoying the sun from the beach.

The association is particularly keen to promote Cuba as an all-round nautical adventure, rather than having the sea as something tourists merely dip in and out of.

Such an offering is precisely what is available from Seafarer's Cuba Dream Itinerary, which allows visitors to this stunning country to get an astonishingly in-depth look at the culture by travelling to a number of key locations.

From the turquoise waves of Playa Sirena to the pristine beaches of Cayo Estopa, you can enhance your holiday with a variety of activities like those mentioned above, including a kayak ride through the Mangrove channels.

Snorkelling and swimming also feature heavily in the itinerary, with opportunities to stop off at every location for a dip.

Showing off Cuba's nautical aspects is a great way to pique the interest of tourists looking to experience this fantastic part of the world, but it's worth making sure you get a holiday that really showcases the nautical adventure that Cuba's tourism association is trying to endorse.