Bahamas welcomes 1.8 million tourists

Holidays to the Bahamas are often an incredible experience, with the nation's endless stretches of perfect white sand, turquoise waters and verdant forests ticking all the boxes for those seeking the perfect break away from daily life.

So it comes as no surprise that 1.8 million tourists visited the country in the first quarter, with a report published by the Central Bank's latest Quarterly Economic Review indicating modest gains in tourism arrivals.

The news will no doubt be highly welcomed by the government, which expressed shock at a 3.3 per cent decline in the same figures a year earlier.

In the breakdown, it was revealed that, in terms of components, air arrivals rose by 0.2 per cent, reversing a contraction of 3.4 per cent in 2013, while growth in sea visitors continued its strong increase with a rise of 0.9 per cent.

Minister of tourism Obie Wilchcombe told Bahama Journal that the increase in visitors is largely due to the worldwide economic recovery, and that steps are already being taken to attract tourists who are finding they are once again able to travel to the Bahamas.

"With the uptick in economic trends, you will see more disposable income, which bodes well for the tourism industry," the tourism minister said. "This means people will travel more. We are also working aggressively on our marketing strategy."

Here at Seafarer, we believe it is no coincidence that people are choosing to visit the Bahamas by sea, as evidenced by the figures in the report.

The white sandy beaches of the picturesque coastline are all the more pretty when viewed from the ocean, and a a sailing cruise on a professionally crewed catamaran allows you to experience every romantic cove, luscious island or quiet community village without finding yourself interrupted by your fellow holidaymakers all the time.