Game of Thrones inspires Croatia tourism

Croatia's tourism industry is continuing to report significant rises as more people flock to the country, inspired by its beauty as witnessed on the popular Game of Thrones television series.

The epic fantasy story, which has received numerous awards including 19 Emmy nominations as announced on Thursday (July 10th), grew its audience by 24 per cent last season, with an even greater number of fans inspired to visit the locations where it is filmed.

While Game of Thrones is filmed in a number of places around Europe – and recently announced a new filming location in Seville, Spain, for the next season – it is Croatia that has particularly benefited.

Through the TV series, the unique beauty of places such as Split and Dubrovnik is uncovered, with people keen to experience their charms, beautiful architecture and fascinating histories.

Dubrovnik, a Croat port city used to represent King's Landing in the series, even offers special Game of Thrones-inspired tours for those who want to relive the viewing experience.

Croatia's deputy tourism minister Ratomir Ivicic was among those celebrating the success of this UNESCO-recognised location.

"Thanks to 'Game of Thrones', many people are coming to visit the very old walls in Dubrovnik and Split," he told CNBC. "Season five will be made in Sibenik – also a very beautiful place in Croatia."

However, the fantasy series is but the latest in a line of TV series and films that made Croatia a star in her own right. Others include Winds of War and The Pope Must Die, both of which were filmed in the late eighties.

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