Symposium debates Caribbean tourism

Coastal tourism in the Caribbean was the main topic of discussion at hand during a three-day symposium taking place in Grenada last week.

The event, which was held with the aim of exploring sustainable models for the development of sustainable tourism in the coastal areas of the island nation, kicked off on Thursday (July 10th) and attracted some 150 experts from universities, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and private sectors

Participants were able to share experience and lessons, examine key obstacles together and come up with potential solutions for the problems facing the sector.

Grenada tourism minister Alexandra Otway-Noel addressed the opening ceremony of the event, urging stakeholders that they need to take a strong interest in best practice of ecotourism if this beautiful paradise is to remain as it is for generations to come.

"Now it is the time for us to apply ourselves to learn about eco-certifications," she commented.

"We will benefit from learning how linkage are formed between tourism and agriculture and how communities have benefited from ways we haven't imagined."

Prime minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell also spoke out, calling for renewed efforts from all touristic organisations lest the beautiful coasts of the Caribbean be lost forever.

A number of innovations were announced at the event, such as a new green certification programme for holiday homes and several new partnerships dedicated to improving the sustainability of the Caribbean's coastal tourism.

Participants at the symposium also enjoyed field trips to leading tourism attractions in Grenada where positive steps have already been taken to preserve the beauty of the area's heritage.

These included the famous Grenada Chocolate Factory and cocoa processing facilities and La Sagesse Beach.

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