Seychelles commemorates WW1 centenary

The Seychelles remembered the many people who died during the First World War last week, with special events held across the archipelago that commemorated the efforts of Seychellois war victims in particular.

At the time a British colony, the 115 islands ended up sending troops into the great battle to aid in the fight against the Kaiser.

Celebrations were prominent but subdued as the time came to remember people who died in the fight for freedom.

The Seychelles' vice president Danny Faure, government ministers, members of the resident diplomatic corps and representatives of other religious faiths attended a special congregation organised by the British High Commission.

A number of war veterans from the Second World War met with high commissioner Lindsay Skoll, who was quick to praise the people who lost their lives to the cause. She also commented on the fact a quarter of the population of the island nation was wiped out.

"But there is perhaps no greater testimony than to the spirit and character of the people of Seychelles than the fact that , a little over twenty years after suffering this terrible trauma , they did not hesitate to take up arms again in defence of the Commonwealth at the outbreak of the Second World War," Skoll added.

Another speaker was Major Andre Baronne, a soldier and survivor of the Second World War, who spoke at length of how difficult it was to survive in the Seychelles during the global conflict.

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