Arts and culture fair helps Seychelles tourism

Creative artists originating from the Seychelles got together yesterday (August 10th) for a prominent arts and crafts fair that is gaining momentum and becoming extremely popular with tourists from the area.

Taking place on the beautiful Port Launay Beach, the event was held following the success of its previous incarnation which happened earlier this year on May 31st.

Initially set up by the Pro Art Association in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and its National Arts Council, the event was established with a view to giving local artists a platform upon which they can showcase their work to an international audience.

However, following its success with foreign visitors, the minister responsible for tourism and culture Alain St Ange has confirmed he would like to make it the centrepiece of a new touristic drive for the country.

As well as featuring hand-painted arts and crafts, the festival features live music from the likes of well-known and much-loved singers, such as Claude Rene, Serge Oreddy, Donatien Madeleine, Collin Athanasius and George Agripine. These names were among those who took to the stage last night in recognition of the event.

“Today we see culture and talent through the creative artists and supported by the Performing Artists taking its place as the center display of our tourism industry,” Mr St Ange said.

“Yes, we have the best of sun, sea, and sand holidays, but that is just not enough anymore. We needed more, so we launched the concept that tourism for Seychelles is now culture and experience.”

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