Families see holiday prices plunge

Families are enjoying fantastic value for money when they go on holiday at the moment, with Europe in particular becoming a bargain hunter's paradise due to a favourable exchange rate and strong competition among providers.

This is according to Asda Money, which reported that those purchasing euros today would see a seven per cent increase in what they would receive, compared with ten months ago.

"Customers purchasing £500 of euros today at Asda would get 37 euros extra compared to ten months ago," commented Kirsty Ward, head of Asda Money.

The exchange rate couldn't have picked a better time to be in such a good shape, with many Brits making the most of the bank holiday weekend to fly abroad to sunnier shores such as those of Greece and Italy.

Current exchange specialists Moneycorp told the Express they had witnessed a dramatic rise in demand for euros over the two weeks leading up to the three-day break, with 58 per cent of transactions being for the international currency over the weekend.

"In the two weeks running up to the bank holiday, travel money purchases of euros …increased by 14.38 per cent, compared with the two previous weeks," commented a spokesperson for the company.

"In addition to this, the popularity of several other currencies … increased over the same period, showing that British families are looking further afield for half-term breaks."

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