Turkey launches e-Visa for groups

Groups of travellers arriving on the stunning and sweeping shores of Turkey for their holidays this summer will no longer need to suffer the arduous task of submitting visa applications individually, the nation's tourism organisation has confirmed.

Any group of tourists numbering between ten and 300 people seeking entry to the country is eligible to apply for the new visa, which has been made possible by the fact Turkey adopted electronic methods of getting hold of the document earlier this year.

However, it is important for travellers to note that there are some stipulations attached to the group e-visa – namely that everyone it will be covering must be of the same nationality and arrival date.

In addition, everyone noted by the document must have the same intentions when coming to Turkey, making it impossible for one person to register on business while another does so as a tourist.

The type of travel documents supplied by each person – whether normal, official or diplomatic – also need to match.

Turkey's new electronic visa system has been operating since April 11th and made headlines across the world as it made it much easier for tourists to enter the country. Travellers simply log onto the website and fill in the form before downloading and printing their document before flying.

Aside from making immigration much quicker, the new system also allows tourists to cross Turkey's borders on any specific date during the period of validity stated on the visa.

Those wishing to make a group application should note that forms must be completed within 48 hours of the process being started. Payments can be made by credit or debit card and UK citizens will need to pay $20 (£11.75)

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