World Oceans Day celebrated across the globe

The importance of the world's oceans was highlighted across the globe over the weekend (June 7th) in an initiative that saw events set up in various countries to celebrate these life-giving bodies of water.

World Oceans Day was set up in 2002 and officially recognised by the United Nations in 2008 as a global conservation effort.

Not only do oceans generate much of the oxygen we breathe, they help to feed us, clean the water we drink, regulate our climate and offer a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines. However, they are often left polluted or overfished by human interference.

It is for this reason that The Ocean Project and World Ocean Network decided to set up an initiative to help people give something positive back to the oceans in order to raise awareness.

Events were held across the globe to achieve this, with various festivals, celebrations and extravaganzas contributing money to the cause. Participants were encouraged to 'wear blue and tell two' in order to increase awareness.

"We have to ensure that oceans continue to meet our needs without compromising those of future generations," commented secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in a message marking the day, adding, "their depths hold current and future solutions to humanity's energy needs".

While occasions such as World Oceans Day are essential when it comes to raising awareness, caring for the ocean is something that we need to think about all the time in our daily lives.

This means that you must make sustainable choices all the time, whether you are buying tuna from the supermarket or planning a holiday.

Seafarer are committed to providing holidays that are environmentally sustainable so that the oceans we explore are still here for others to enjoy in the future. Whether you're relaxing in the Seychelles or the River Rhine, you can be sure of having a harmless impact on the local ecosystem.