Cruise-goers say they'd return

When it comes to cruising your favourite holiday destination – be it the Caribbean, the River Rhine or the Greek Islands – the majority of first-timers say they'd do it again, a new report has claimed.

In fact, out of the 1,200-strong survey poll, 65 per cent of people claimed to have sailed to exotic locations, with almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of those added they would certainly like to enjoy a similar experience once more at some point in the future.

The data was collected by Spectrem's Millionaire Corner and supported by information from The Cruise Line, which added that more than 21 million people went on cruises in 2013 and that the figure is set to rise for this year.

Only five per cent of those questioned claimed they would entirely rule out the prospect of taking to the high seas once more, although even they might find themselves challenged by the sheer variety of choice now on offer for cruises.

Once upon a time, cruisers were limited to large-scale vessels that were only able to visit ports capable of accommodating such an extravagant mode of transportation. Nowadays, other forms of cruise are becoming popular, such as the catamarans provided by Seafarer that only hold as few as eight people.

Such a vessel can prove to be extremely comfortable and provide a more personalised experience, as you're likely to know all the crew on first-name terms before the end of the first day. However, even the mega yachts of Variety Cruises, which with between 20 and 36 cabins, still provide a more intimate and friendly luxury yachting experience.

That is without mentioning the sheer volume of choice involved – cruises to Italy, Greece and more exotic destinations in the Indian Ocean, for example are likely to inspire some people to take that unique trip.

Wherever you travel with Seafarer, we can ensure you enjoy your holiday and show you a cruising experience quite unlike any other.