It’s all kicking-off in June


Surreptitious sort of thing the FIFA World Cup. Lots of fuss last year when the qualifiers were being played – then the sort of silence that can induce a very dodgy false sense of security, as if it was all a dream. Do not be fooled, from the start of June when England assemble in Primark or Next to don their three-piece suits, until the final-final whistle goes on July 15th, the bits of the UK that don’t include Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland will be in a media-driven football frenzy.


Football frenzy for the fans, football fatigue for the rest of us


By the time England take the field somewhere in the back-woods of Russia at 7.00 pm on Monday 18th June we will already have had 13 matches played and over-analysed. Football fatigue will be in full force and you know what, you won’t even be able to escape down the wine bar for a refreshing Pinot Grigio (hold-up Italian target man) because sure as referees are blind some pundit will be waxing more lyrical than a team of full Brazilians – who have never been the same since Socrates died – on a specially imported TV.


The Socratic wisdom of football-free Greek island cruising


Socrates claimed he could only know that which he knew – and he knew damn fine well there was no satellite TV on any of Variety’s Mega Yachts, ergo a Greek island cruise, or any Variety cruise for that matter, was a football free zone.

Seriously, we wish England the very best of luck in Russia, and hope they at least get to cruise through the group stages.

Of course, if you live in Cardiff, Glasgow or Belfast you might not share the sentiment. Fancy a cruise in June?


Would you rather disagree with the fourth official or have a cocktail with the Captain?

On Friday 15th June you could be watching what is sure to be a feisty match between Morocco and Iran – or you could be boarding ship in Athens for a cocktail with the Captain prior to embarking on a cruise to see Classical Greece.

Teatime with Peru and the Socceroos or a swim off Antiparos?

Galileo anchored

So it’s the 26th of June – how would you rather spend the afternoon? If you fancy a swim, join our Jewels of the Cyclades team.

See England surrender or visit Saranda?
Being brutally honest the day is almost certainly going to come when the English flag is lowered. Love football or hate it that day of surrender will be tearful and torrid. Yet there’s a big BUT and it starts the name of beautiful Butrint – a sight more remarkable than a Harry Kane hat-trick. You can see it on our Adriatic Odyssey cruise.

You can’t watch Wales, but you could watch whales
Iceland Cruise The Land of Fire & Ice
Sadly, Wales might not have scored highly enough to get into the final fixtures but something that will score in spades with your bridge club buddies will be a little whale watching off the Atlantic coast of Iceland. Iceland itself will be quiet at this time because most of the 334,250 inhabitants will be in Russia watching their team play.