Woman relaxing on a boat in the sea near the rocky shore. Traveling near the island.

Woman relaxing on a boat in the sea near the rocky shore. Traveling near the island.


We don’t believe in taking sides in politics but whatever you think are the rights and wrongs of the Greek-Eurozone debacle we must not forget that whilst Greece may be running out of cash she still retains her greatest assets – her islands and Homer’s fabulous wine dark sea.

What’s more this is far from the first potential ‘disaster’ Greece has faced over the millennia. Any nation that has sat at the centre of Western civilisation since time began will always face ups and downs – volcanoes may explode, Empires may come and Empires may go, yet Greece has always endured.

One of the very reasons Greece has bounced back is that people always want to return to the breath-taking beauty on offer by day and the twinkling lights and music of the harbour front tavernas after dark. Not to forget some lightly fried fresh calamari and a glass of frosted Retsina. Indeed travel has always been Greece’s ‘funder of last resort’, and the tourist pound has played a vital part in many a recovery.

Whatever happens to the wider economy that tourist pound will be desperately needed over the next few years. We are of course biased – we have deep roots in Greece and many friends there. It is one of our favourite places on earth. The islands have a haunting way of calling you back – and there is no better way to see them than to follow in the footsteps of the Argonauts, take ship and hop between harbours, beaches and hidden coves.

So the most apparent thing about the shenanigans going on between Athens and the euro-bankers is that, whatever the broader outcome, we should all be making plans to holiday in Greece and making them now. So if it’s been a few years since you were last there, and you’re thinking about 2016, perhaps we might encourage you to put it at the top of your list. They’ve been looking after us with a warm hospitality for years – they’ll welcome you even more now.

Not to forget of course that there is still good availability for Greek cruises this autumn. Every demonstration of support will be warmly welcomed. Also don’t forget that cash is king! Whatever happens to the currency you’re guaranteed top value.

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