Best cruise destinations for variety

Some people like to use their holiday time to toast themselves on a beach until they're relaxed and as brown as an old leather sofa. Others like to go striding around historic monuments and lush rainforests, seeking out the most cultural and educational aspects of a particular destination. There is, of course, a happy medium between these two extremes, and we at Seafarer embrace it wherever possible, filling our itineraries with plenty of opportunities to explore and relax in equal measure. However, some destinations lend themselves to balance more than others. Take a look at our favourite locations for those who love variety.


The Greek tourism industry is currently riding on a wave of seemingly everlasting praise, with the government declaring it to be the engine of the economy. There is a reason why the sector does so well though – Greece is possessed with such a plethora of aspects that it's hard not to describe it as the ultimate holiday destination. A tour of its many islands includes visits to ancient monuments and cities from the dawn of time. Include its capital Athens in this equation and you can count on a visit to the Acropolis as well. Then throw in the incredible nightlife that can be experienced in Mykonos. And don't forget the quiet little coves that line the coastline and can be explored on all of our tours. And have we mentioned the beaches? Stunning lines of sand or pristine white pebbles can be found on our wide variety of tours here. This truly is a holiday mecca.


When it comes to the Caribbean, the first image that pops into your head is likely that of extraordinary beaches, bordered by emerald trees, perhaps with a deck chair or two underneath the shade. But there's far more here than you might expect. Firstly, a culture so very different from anything you may be used to, with opportunities to witness isolated little villages at the heart of forests and old sugar plantations on one of our itineraries. Then there are the landscapes, which retain oodles of character while maintaining their picture perfect looks. Dramatic mountains pierce the skyline, begging you to explore them. Finally, you can explore an underwater world, with the diving proving to be absolutely incredible. There are many facets to witness when you head to the Caribbean on your holiday.


Croatia's rough and ready coastline and enormous collection of islands is well worth exploring for a wide variety of reasons. Visitors can choose to enrich themselves by getting to know the country's incredible culture and history, which has been influenced by a number of factors over the past 1,000 years. Situated as it is on the Dalmatian Sea with neighbours including Italy, Austria, Montenegro and Hungary, you'll find influencers from all in the cuisine, culture and general way of life. Explore the Venetian architecture in beautiful Dubrovnik, often called the Pearl of Dalmatia for reasons that will be instantly apparent once you get there. Then there are the islands, each of them an entirely separate world to be experienced. Don't miss out – book a Seafarer Cruise that allows you to explore the delights of Split, Korcula, Hvar, Mljet and more. Otherwise, you'll be forever thinking about the other aspects on your holiday that you weren't lucky enough to


If it's variety you're seeking, you can't get much better than Turkey, which is the epitome of the word. Often described as the place where eastern cultures collide with the western way of life, you can count on witnessing an extraordinary plethora of differences. Majestic temples rub shoulders with stone churches. Marketplaces hustle and bustle, alive with activity alongside sharp and sophisticated high street retailers. There are the smells and sensations of Istanbul and its extraordinary plethora of attractions. The atmosphere of the port town Bodrum, once a major trading post in the eyes of the world. Turkey offers variety in abundance, and you'll find equal opportunity to relax and enjoy the sights in its many cafés and bars, as you will to discover its historical secrets. Combine a visit to Istanbul with a trip to the Greek islands for the ultimate varied holiday.