Cuba is set for the high season. Are you?

Few destinations are as beguiling, as enigmatic and as downright gorgeous as Cuba. Boasting more than its fair share of secluded coves and attractive beaches, this island paradise is a joy to experience. And since it's just getting ready for its peak tourist season, we thought it was time we introduced you to this spectacular part of the world.

Aboard one of our superb vessels, you will be privileged enough to witness landscapes that look as though they belong in fairy tales. The secluded coves, for example, encroached as they are with woodland and bordering on smooth sandy beaches, could be the ones in Neverland in JM Barrie's Peter Pan. Perhaps there are Lost Boys hiding on the shores? Our crews know Cuba intimately and if you want to glean a little knowledge about the island, they are the people to ask. But first, you actually need to book yourself onto one of our cruises. Take a look below at the available options.

Seven Nights Tall Ship

Cuba is in the Caribbean, and what better way to explore the island than on a vessel that Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of? Admittedly, we can't promise bottomless barrels of rum, but the experience of sailing on our splendid Star Flyer with its four masts, 21 sails and pair of pools is utterly unbeatable. You have all the facilities you could ever need, including a stunning sundeck with three swimming pools, a stylish piano bar and full air conditioning.

This is impressive, but is as yet nothing compared to the itinerary itself. The journey starts in Cienfuegos – a regular Tortuga-like settlement full of charming neo-classical homes and elegant public buildings that line the Prado. From here, you sail to Cayo Blanco, which advertises everything a beach lover could possibly want. Everlasting white sands, clear blue skies and lush vegetation. Once you've finished lazing around, it's time to get cultural with a trip to the sugar mills in Trinidad. Walk between the 17th and 18th centuries, exploring time as well as space. The town itself is also gorgeous, paved with cobblestones and boasting incredible buildings.

Your trip will take you through the Caymen Islands – an archipelago that stretches for 100 miles with more than 350 islands of all shapes and sizes. You won't want to stop exploring and you'll be sorry to return to Cienfuegos for a last spot of gift shopping before the journey home.

Cuba Dream

The Cuba Dream experience takes place aboard one of our comfortable catamarans, which are perfect vessels for those keen to focus more on the destination itself. If you know you spend a lot of time exploring the holiday location, then this is most definitely for you. There are two actual catamarans available for your trip – the Dream 60 and the Poncin 82.

Exploring the Cuba Dream itinerary is a wildlife extravaganza. Setting sail from Cienfuegos and experiencing Cayo Rico, Cayo Largo, Cayo Estopa and other gorgeous island locations, you will adore sailing from one stunning cove to the next, with plenty of opportunity to check out local creatures. Snorkeling in Reef Ballanetos is a particularly invigorating experience, with all manner of tropical fish to witness as you plunge towards the depths. Other creatures you might meet on your journey include sea turtles and iguanas, making this a really menagerie of a trip.

Sights and Sounds of Cuba

The title of this cruise is reflective of the aim – to show you more of what Cuba's all about. To introduce you to its rich cultural diversity and allow you a glimpse into its incredible history. Aboard the Sailing Cruiser Panorama, you will have access to a spacious sun deck and sun loungers, as well as a private yacht-style ambiance aboard a large enough vessel capable of giving you complete comfort. Take to the sea with kayaks, snorkeling and windsurfing equipment. For although this is a cultural trip, there will still be plenty of time to relax and do your own thing – just as there should be on holiday.

Between the two destinations Havana and Cienfuegos, you'll have the opportunity to stop off at some truly inspiring places. Cabo San Antonio, for example, is renowned for having an extensive nature park that contains all sorts of animals not easily found outside of Cuba. Then there is Trinidad – a UNESCO World Heritage site that contains palaces and plazas amid its gorgeous cobblestone streets. You can explore the history of sugar farming with a visit to the Sugarmills Valley, also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Jetting from island to island, you will also have the opportunity to learn about what daily life is like in rural Cuba – a place far removed from our own culture.

No matter which trip to Cuba you choose to take, there is a truly unique sense around this special place. You're in for the time of your life and the best way to experience all its facets is on a Seafarer journey. Pick whichever one sounds best to you and come with us.