Panoramic Seychelles Beach in Praslin

As ever the clocks have fallen back – or at least they have for the last 98 years. Germany was the first place to put the clocks forward and back in 1916 in an effort to save energy during the First World War. The UK followed suit. Not that it mattered in the trenches. These days it is widely seen as a safety measure. There has even been talk of double daylight saving as a boost to the UK tourist industry.

Which is all very well but the question is if we have British Summer Time why don’t we call the bit where the clocks go back ‘British Winter Time’? There’s something quintessentially romantic about a British winter. Dew on the grass, breath steaming in the morning air, wrapping up warm for a walk down the pub for a glass of wine beside a log fire – what’s not to like? In comparison Greenwich Mean Time just sounds, well, mean!

Sometimes it’s best to un-wrap-up-warm

Then again there may be only so much wrapping-up warm a person can take. Whilst being toasty in coats and boots and scarves and hats is OK on bright sun-shining December Sundays it’s always not so pleasant when it’s lashing down with rain on your average January Monday and the festive spirit is just a ghost of Christmas past. That’s the time to think of un-wrapping-up warm for a week or 10 days where the sun is shining – and that of course is the quintessential beauty of cruising.

Has it ever occurred to you that there is no daylight saving in places like the tropics? The fact is that around the equator the sun pretty much rises at 6.00 in the morning and sets at 6.00 in the evening. The important word here is ‘sun’ – because in the tropics there is plenty of it on a year round basis.

Get a little bit of luxury-on-sea

The other thing of course is that all that going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark means that many of us get a touch of the winter blues. In fact scientists now recognise that levels of low sunlight can have a definite effect on the body’s chemistry. Without doubt the best way to rectify the situation is a large dose of sunshine and some serious TLC.

And that means a winter cruise! Whether you’re on a big ship, a mega yacht or a stylish catamaran nobody can deny that cruising in its many and varied forms offers more than just a little bit of luxury. All you have to do is simply lay back and enjoy yourself whilst somebody else moves the scenery every day.

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Or check out – if you can’t get away over winter you’ll find details of our Sumer 2015 cruises too.