Croatia encourages visitors to share photos

Visitors to Croatia are being encouraged to share the photos they take during their stay in this holiday paradise by a new promotional campaign set up by the Croatian National Tourism Board (CNTB). The initiative hopes to highlight the nation's sweeping stretches of coastline, incredible cuisine, historical places of interest and charming cities such as Dubrovnik.

Videos and photos that catch the eye of the CNTB will be published on a new website called Share Croatia, and participants will be entered into a prize draw for a free trip to the stunning country. When sharing their photos on social media sites, tourists must tag the media with the hashtags #lovecroatia or #sharecroatia to ensure their entry is submitted.

Tourists are going to have to act fast though – there are more than 24,000 photos tagged with the hashtags on Instagram alone. So what are the most picturesque spots on a Croatian holiday? Where should you head to for a particularly sweeping and dynamic shot? Have a look at our guide below and find out.


The walled city of Dubrovnik features a charm that remains quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Its terracotta roof topped houses, dramatic bay and charming streets make for an almost otherworldly atmosphere – something that has been showcased to excess in the hit television series Game of Thrones. Of course, gorgeous weather and azure waters also help to provide scenic coastal shots. But where exactly should you go? Down by the waters' edge, where the giant castle walls meet the bay, providing a stellar contrast and an irresistible image? Or perhaps deep into the white cobblestoned streets of the Old Town, where unique buildings greet you at every turn, and strolling couples provide a sense of atmosphere? Equally as exciting is the Dubrovnik cable car, which offers breathtaking views over the city as well as a stunning panorama of the Adriatic Sea. But if that doesn't appeal, you'll find plenty of great spots throughout the city where beautiful examples of Gothic,
Renaissance and Baroque churches can be discovered. Their wonderful architecture could provide the perfect backdrop to your photo.

Kornati National Park

Aboard Seafarer's Central Dalmatian itinerary, you'll have the opportunity to experience the spectacular Kornati National Park, which consists of 140 stunning islands and reefs. Any one of these could provide your winning shot, such is the beauty on display here. How about taking on the challenge of getting a good wildlife photo? Above the waves, myriad species flourish, including butterflies, green toads, lizards, snakes, birds, martens and bats. Otherwise, acquire a waterproof camera and go on your photo-snapping mission beneath the surface of the Dalmatian sea. The waters of the Kornati National Park are home to hundreds of types of algae, dozens of underwater flower varieties and 185 species of fish. The adorable sea turtle can also be found here, so have that camera ready. Unique sites for photography fans also include the many iliad ruins, Roman villas and places of worship that exist here, including the Christian church of St Mary.


The island of Vis contains a uniquely unspoilt charm that makes for excellent photographic opportunities during your stay in Croatia. Locked off from tourists over many years thanks to its unique geographical position, it is one of the most picturesque places you will see in your entire life. A crescent of pristine sand is probably the first thing you'll notice, topped with emerald trees. But the natural beauty doesn't stop there – rough and rugged coastline also features prominently, with the spectacular white stone forging unique inclines and bays that are great for swimming in. Although you might not think it at first, there is life here and the village of Komiza on the south-west coast makes for some superb shots of its own if you're seeking something other than natural beauty. See if you can get a sundown image of the old fishing boats bobbing away in the harbour. The many miles of vineyard across the island also make for some stellar images – Vis is responsible
for some of Croatia's best-known wines.


Few cities in Croatia can claim to be as beautiful as Zadar, which possesses an extraordinary degree of charm thanks to its unique architecture, wonderful seafront and the fact it is not overrun by tourists. But it's not a museum town – this is a vibrant and active place that is enjoyed by both visitors and residents alike. For great photo opportunities, you'll want to spend some time in the Old Town, which contains many Roman ruins and medieval churches. But don't neglect the more modern additions – the cosmopolitan cafes where the locals spend their days drinking coffee and catching up on the day's gossip might provide the shot you're looking for.


Croatia's second city provides a buzzing atmosphere and balance of tradition and modernity that is highly conducive to great photography. Start by taking a step inside Diocletian's Palace, an impressive Roman monument and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Then there is the thriving restaurant and cafe scene that provides a sense of activity and life that is great fun to try and capture in an image. But what makes Split particularly special is its spectacular natural setting. Crested by turquoise waters and with a dynamic coastline that is dominated by dramatic coastal mountains, Split is positioned in such a way that any photos taken on approach are likely to be particularly special.

If you're looking for your perfect Croatian photo, be sure to travel with Seafarer. We offer cruises to all of the locations above, and more. A diverse selection of destinations will most likely give you an edge over the competition as you'll be able to capture both bustling cities and deserted island bays, as well as spectacular ruins and stunning natural parks. Just don't forget your camera!