Choosing a European cruise

Europe's timeless waterways stretch far and wide over a continent that boasts an unmatched level of variety where holidays are concerned. From the hills that characterise the Greek coast to the enchanted castles of the Rhine, there's an extraordinary amount of beauty just waiting to be uncovered. There is the opportunity to experience the stunning landscapes that have been sculpted around the coastlines and waterways of this incredible continent. But what can you expect from a cruise on each of them? How does each culture's astonishing personality reveal itself? The best way to find out is to do so first-hand, but for those who can't wait, read on to learn a bit about our most popular European cruises.

The Rhine

Located predominantly in Germany, the Rhine features fascinating cities including Amsterdam, Cologne and Rüdesheim. It is easy to see why so many artists and poets have become inspired by this incredible river and the people that live here. But the true star of a River Rhine cruise is the astonishing landscapes one can witness while journeying. A casual glance out of the cabin window might reveal a lonely gothic castle, sitting isolated on a carved chalk ridge. At another point, you might be greeted with a soaring vista of rolling hills, covered in a soft pink carpet of wild flowers. For undiluted beauty, make sure you are on deck to witness the amazing Rhine Gorge, or Upper Middle Rhine Valley as it is sometimes called. This is the most stunning location on the river – a segment that has featured in films, books and even on postage stamps. A UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site, it is home to several species of rare flora and fauna that are attracted to the gorge
because of its unique microclimate.

Also worth a mention is our mode of transport upon this particular waterway – the ever popular M/S Serenade I. Bursting with charm, she has something of a reputation with our British guests, having served this route for many years.


The best of Greece can be discovered on its fantastic collection of islands, which are famous for their connection to Greek myths. Aboard our various cruises, you have the chance to explore these links while enjoying a unique slice of the scenery each day. You can be sure of getting some fantastic weather with the weather during the summer, and it's particularly enjoyable to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters that fill the many exotic bays and coastline crevices we will be visiting. Discovering some of the lesser known gems like Folegandros, Kea or Koufonisia is like entering a time machine that offers a unique insight into island life of a bygone age.

From the windmills and secluded coves of Mykonos to the lively port atmosphere of Rethymnon in Crete, the moments of relaxation are complemented perfectly by available opportunities to get to grips with the history of the islands. Doing so aboard one of our small cruise vessels, you can witness everything in complete comfort and take advantage of various opportunities to dive into the sea for a cooling swim.


Legendary is Italy as a tourist destination for its laid-back charm and irresistible culture. Travelling around the coastline of the country guarantees wonderment and adventure as you sail from picturesque cove to beautiful beach – from one splendid port to another on the magical Mediterranean. Italy offers a lot of variety, with different cultures to be explored in Rome, Sicily, Venice and along the Amalfi Coast. We at Seafarer have an extraordinary selection of cruises available that take full advantage of this variety, and you can even shake things up with a visit to Malta.

One thing is certain though – you will be bowled over by the hospitality and friendliness of the people there, just as much as the splendour of the landscapes