Cruising in the Caribbean

A trip to the Caribbean will leave you stupefied, stunned and surprised, but certainly not stressed. Considered one of the most naturally beautiful destinations of the world, the various islands of the region lay scattered off the southeast coast of the USA like a constellation. Consisting of various islets, cays, reefs and hidden corners, it is a joyous place to explore – especially if you're lucky enough to be sailing aboard one of our luxurious Star Clippers.

In full sail, these spectacular vessels look stunning against a backdrop of rolling hills and charismatic coastlines. Relaxing on deck is a blissful experience when the weather is fine – which is almost all the time besides the occasional tropical storm which is something to witness in itself.


But enough about transportation – what can you expect from the Caribbean islands themselves? As anyone who has seen Pirates of the Caribbean will tell you, there is plenty of incredible natural beauty in the form of long lazy stretches of sand lined with palm trees. But it's a mark of how amazing this place is that this is just the start. The real secret behind the Caribbean's popularity is less to do with its incredible natural assets and more to do with the fact that this is a place where relaxation just seems to happen. Every corner is permeated with a thoroughly laid-back atmosphere that soothes you as you walk along the beach, sample great food or snorkel in crystal clear waters, discovering new forms of marine life.

Among its collection of highlights, perhaps Anguilla stands out particularly prominently. This long undulating island curls its way through the water like an eel – hence the name – and there is plenty to discover here. Sampling the local specialties in a restaurant that overlooks the coast is a particular treat. As is wandering the characteristic streets of Malliouhana, which are instantly recognisable for their bleached white appearance complemented by blocks of striking colour. But it is the beaches that really define Anguilla, and you should make the most of them while you're here.

Similarly, Nevis also makes for a very memorable visit. Dotted with old sugar plantations, it is known for the towering cliffs of the aptly named Mount Scenery. It didn't even have a road until 1951 and cars remain a rare sight. But you're not going to want to spend long in a vehicle on this incredible slice of paradise. Locate your swim gear and dive into the sparkling sea. The diving is just out of this world here, and you're sure to see plenty of sea life occupying the little reefs.


Here at Seafarer, we offer two distinct tours of the spectacular Caribbean landscape. You can choose to sail the Leeward Islands and witness the beauty of Dominica, Gustavia and the aforementioned Nevis. Or else, go completely Johnny Depp with the Treasure Islands itinerary, which encompasses the likes of Virgin Gorda, Anguilla and Norman Island.

While you can count on experiencing a relaxing atmosphere on both tours, they also offer a diverse range of activities to keep you occupied. A brisk walk through a rainforest, the chance to climb over the enormous granite boulders on Virgin Gorda or wander the streets of Malliouhana. Such activities are but a taste of what's in store with the Treasure Islands option. But choosing the Leeward Islands alternative takes you on an altogether different – but still deeply satisfying – journey.

So go on – allow the Caribbean to surprise you with its secrets.