Honeymooning on a cruise

You've booked the church, chosen a cake, sorted the flowers and sent out the invitations. All the little details – including food, drink, music and the reception venue – are sorted. There's only one thing left to do, and that's book the honeymoon.

Your first holiday as a married couple needs to be something memorable. Something that combines an appropriate level of excitement with an equal amount of lazing about in the lap of luxury. Wouldn't you enjoy a holiday that takes you to multiple destinations, giving you both something new to wake up to every day? A cruise sounds ideal the more you think about it, whether you've been on one before or are completely new to the experience.

But the idea of sharing a ship with 2,000+ other holidaymakers may seem more than a tad intimidating, which is understandable. You're far more likely to get the personalised and intimate honeymoon you deserve by booking onto a small cruise ship. There's no need to forsake the luxury amenities you get with the larger vessels, with our collection of mega yachts, gulets and catamarans fitted with everything from beautiful en suite cabins, swimming pools and comfortable lounges above and below deck. It's also likely you'll want to shake off the formality of the wedding and properly enjoy one another's company – this is something you can do on a small ship cruise, but not necessarily on a larger one.

And where destinations are concerned, you're spoilt for choice. Take a look at the options below and see which locations we consider to be the best honeymoon choices.


We're not alone in thinking the Maldives is a simply stunning place to get your marriage off to a perfect start. Fodor's Travel named the archipelago its number one destination for honeymooning couples, citing its 1,100 coral islands and unspoilt beaches as primary draws. Taking a cruise is undoubtedly the best way to experience such a diverse destination – around every corner, there lurks an incredible stretch of charismatic coastline, an idyllic cove that's perfect for swimming in or some interesting marine life. Great honeymoon experiences include fishing at sunset, snorkelling among the tropical marine life and exploring the local  villages of this vibrant culture.


Travel trends come and go, and where holiday destinations are concerned, Tahiti is currently at the top. It's set to stay there for a good while yet – its tried and tested formula of astounding views, Polynesian archaeology and tropical conditions has proven irresistible for honeymooning couples over the past few years. Aboard your stylish and comfortable catamaran, you'll be able to enjoy fantastic experiences including kayaking, beachcombing and coral garden swimming – certainly not something you can claim to do everyday. With only four other cabins aboard, you can be sure of an intimate experience on one of these vessels, and you'll certainly get the privacy you want as a new couple when you need it. Also, the splendid full batten mainsail adds a touch of romance and splendour to the whole affair.