Secrets of the Caribbean

CNN News caused a bit of a stir this week when the broadcasting company released its top ten secret places in the Caribbean. It featured unspoilt spots on Cuba, Bonaire and Dominica. But we at Seafarer thought we could do a bit better with our list of top favourites of secret experiences in the area. Here is our selection of travel once-in-a-lifetime events that you will be treated to while indulging on one of our cruise holidays.


This piece of paradise is characterised by its sugar plantations and candy coloured huts which dot the surrounding landscape. While the visuals are utterly spectacular – dominated by the steep cliffs of Mount Scenery – you haven't seen the half of it until you descend below the waves. At this point you'll enter an underwater paradise quite unlike anything you'll find elsewhere on the globe. A veritable patchwork of coral, made up of thousands of different textures and colours looms up at you, for all the world a living breathing organism – which of course, it is. For Nevis, diving is definitely our top secret pleasure.

St Kitts

It's difficult to pick just one experience with regards to St Kitts as the island does seem to offer an awful lot of them. However, hiking in the rainforest is pretty unbeatable. The dappled light that pushes its way through the emerald leaves above reveals a scene of natural wonderment, with both plant life and animals residing here that will be completely new to you. As well as the opportunity to secure some pretty stunning photographs, you'll also have the chance to feel the adrenaline as you stand on the top of the mountain, the island at your feet. It's an extraordinary sense of achievement – definitely not to be missed.


While the charms of Nevis are decidedly natural, Antigua is distinctive in that perhaps its most beautiful parts are actually man made. This isn't an easy achievement when you're somewhere like the Caribbean, where natural beauty is ubiquitous. But actually, once you wander through the charming dockyards full of rugged suntanned locals, faded brickwork and weatherworn piers, you'll be in agreement. This place evokes an atmosphere that you might find in a classic pirate film, such as Treasure Island or Pirates of the Caribbean. It's an unmissable experience, and that's why it's made our list.


The pristine beaches of this pocket of paradise lance all around Anguilla's curvey shoreline, creating a bright azure edge to the sea before mingling with the deeper blue that can be seen further out. It's the sort of scene you've seen on television countless times, and always wondered, "Does that place really exist?" The answer is yes. And it's this coastline that we consider to be one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean. Everyone talks about Cuba and Barbados but Anguilla is more than capable of besting them on this front. The curved stretches of sand are the perfect place to spend the day, either frolicking in the water, sunbathing or even observing the beauty of it all on deck.

Travelling with Seafarer Cruises, you'll have the opportunity to experience all of our once-in-a-lifetime selections above. Choose your vessel – perhaps you'd prefer the majesty of the Star Clipper Tall Ship in full sail, or the intimacy that comes with a catamaran? Whatever your tastes, we cater for them all.