Isolated Thailand

The Huffington Post recently revealed its 19 favourite isolated destinations in Asia, and while there were some admirable locations featured, we felt they didn't really do Thailand justice. With that in mind, here are our favourite isolated spots, all of which are featured on our cruise of the country's coast. Remember, at Seafarer, our smaller vessels are much better for exploring those little crags around the edges that really offer a sense of the place's identity. 

Koh Hong

A line of pristine white sand stretches up one side of this beautiful island, the rest is overtaken by a shock of green palm trees. It's undoubtedly a stunning place to explore, with a selection of stunning bays that are peacefully quiet and great for taking a quick dip. Of particular interest is the lagoon, which you can visit with Seafarer via a dinghy.

Koh Dam

Another stunning island and home to the beautiful Raileh beach, is one of those places where you can just forget the rest of the world exists. A wander along the beach is most definitely in order, and you'll want to pay close attention to the phenomenon that happens at low tide when the sandbank between Koh Dam and Koh Kwan is visible, making it look as though the sea has been magically parted.

Koh Mai Phai

Also known as bamboo island, you'll want to spend most of your time in the water here, where it's possible to feel as though you're the only human left on the planet. It's hard to feel completely alone, though, thanks to the extraordinary colonies of fish that call the coral reefs here their home. Snorkelling is a must if you're into your wildlife, and the azure waters are utterly perfect for it.

One thing's for sure – Thailand is definitely calling, and you can experience all of these wonders on our Thailand Sailing Cruise Itinerary.