A Turkish delight

Turkey has something of a reputation for being a fusion of East and West, but it's important to understand that it's a place that cannot just be summed up in a sentence. There is an utter delight in witnessing strong elements of both sides of the world, while being immersed in a place that very obviously belongs to neither.

Taking a gulet from Bodrum, you'll come into contact with many contrasting aspects of East and West as you proceed from Orak Island to Cati, Sedir Island, Karacasogut, Longoz and many other destinations besides. Such places are smaller than the hubs of Istanbul and its equivalents, and they offer an extraordinary range of experiences that are wonderfully otherworldly.

Going from the vibrant nightlife of Bodrum to the natural harbour of Longoz, pausing to experience snorkelling among the reefs and the history of port town Marmaris among other wonders, you will truly feel as though you have seen a different side to this fascinating country.

While there is always the option of relaxing in the stylish and comfortable surroundings of the gulet, we're confident the extraordinary landscapes surrounding you will be more than enough to tempt you onto the shore. A smaller vessel gives you an opportunity to do this much more often, with walking in the pine forest of woods around Cati and windsurfing near Yedi Adalar making for enormously enjoyable experiences.

No matter where you go, there is nowhere quite like Turkey, and you will find plenty of evidence of East meets West. However, it is perhaps its natural assets that make for such a compelling case when it comes to holidaying in such an exceptional place. From the moment you embark to the second you leave, you'll feel that Turkey will have touched your heart.