The Rhine: A tour throughout Europe

River cruising is one of those trends that just seems to be getting ever more popular and if you have not tried it before, then we’ve got the perfect cruise for your introduction to river cruising.

The Rhine is a truly spectacular waterway, meandering through vibrant cities towns and villages, beautiful countryside, punctuated by spectacular castles and historic churches, to journey the Rhine is to experience a wealth of history and different cultures. Here are some highlights to whet your appetite.

Eight days, four countries

Holland. Germany. France. Switzerland. Four fascinating nations with very different and very interesting cultures. Having these four extraordinary countries so closely together makes you really appreciate Europe as a continent. Crossing borders this way is a revelation in itself and a great way to discover these contrasts as they unfold before you.

New cuisine. New sights. New landscapes. New sounds. One day, you’ll be experiencing the charismatic canal-lined metropolis that is Amsterdam. The next, you’ll be carving your way through extraordinary beautiful vistas of rolling hills, carpeted in gorgeous velvety forests, vineyards, pretty villages and stunning castles. It’s the variety that makes the Rhine such a winner.

Magical metropolises

We’ve already highlighted some of Amsterdam’s strengths, but it’s not the only place you’ll visit on a journey of the River Rhine. How about visiting the epicentre of the European Union, Strasbourg, with its beautiful medieval quarter and extraordinary Gothic cathedral? Or the charming old wine town of Rudesheim, beloved by visitors for its intricate streets and unmistakable atmosphere? We haven’t even spoken about Koblenz and Cologne, Basel and Heidelberg. We don’t have to. You will find out exactly what’s special once you get there. With Seafarer and Select Voyages, we like to take you straight to the best parts of each place. So you can be sure of getting an exclusive and incredible experience.

Extraordinary beauty

The Rhine is perhaps best known for its unique Rhine Gorge, a soaring vista that sees fairy tale castles nestled in between gorgeous green hills. It looks like something from a Disney film as you gracefully wind your way through the enchanted forest, covered with vineyards, broken up only by the occasional little village. Enough said, we think.

Time To Go Exploring Ashore

Of course the thing that many appreciate about river cruises is that you are actually exploring as you cruise whether from the comfort of the panoramic lounge and bar or as you attend to your tan on the large sun deck. However you also have ample time to go exploring ashore. There is a comprehensive range of optional tours that explore the very best in each destination, but you also have the opportunity to wonder and explore independently if you prefer. Your knowledgeable cruise director and crew will be happy to advise.


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