Getting rid of the post-cruise blues

It's a Sunday evening. You have just come back from your trip around the Caribbean, the Greek Islands or some other idyllic corner of the world. And you're already nursing a heavy feeling in your stomach – the cruise is over and now you have nothing to look forward to until the next one.

But don't be upset. There are a number of ways that you can help those post-cruise blues, so why not consider some of the following activities to lift your mood?

Sorting out the photos

If you've been on a trip somewhere you've never visited before, chances are you'll have taken a lot of photographs. Once upon a time, this would have warranted a trip to the pharmacy and a week-long wait. Not anymore. With the ubiquitous nature of digital cameras, you can sort your photos out more easily than ever before. Plug them into your computer and share them around – on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Twitter. This is absolutely certain to get the conversation flowing among your friends, who will be anxious to hear how you got on. Print them out and put them into frames or onto canvas to hang neatly on your walls or sit on your mantlepiece. This little routine can help you get back into the swing of things.

Chatting about your holiday

Getting all those feelings out in the open is absolutely the best way to deal with your post-cruise blues. Let your friends know what you most enjoyed – was it perhaps unique cuisine from a coastal trip around Thailand? Or the awe-inspiring sights of Greek's plethora of islands? Perhaps the natural beauty of Mauritius keeps returning to your mind's eye. Perhaps such a chat will even inspire a group trip next year? That'll have the double benefit of giving you all something to look forward to! But either way, talking through your emotions is a recognised part of therapy and it's bound to get you through your post-holiday misery and the return to daily life.

Reliving the nostalgia

Think about what you particularly enjoyed about your latest holiday. Is there any way you can recreate those aspects here? If you loved the cruising element aboard a Seafarer holiday, why not get down to the coast more often and see if you can partake in any sailing? If you couldn't get enough of the lush green forests of the Seychelles, why not explore some of the natural beauty around your home? Consider yourself a bit of a wizz in the kitchen? Then get hold of one or two special recipes from your destination and see if you can recreate the cuisine in the kitchen. Just because you're at home, it doesn't mean your love affair with the destination has to end entirely.

Plan the next one!

If you really can't get your cruise holiday out of your mind, then set aside some time to get around planning the next one. This is pretty much the ultimate cure as it will really give you something to look forward to in the future. And with Seafarer's incredible range of destination choices, you really won't be disappointed. Book yourself a truly unique holiday experience in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or somewhere even more exotic for your next holiday and start counting down the days! And don't forget – you can always make your next cruise all the closer by choosing an option that allows you to explore the waters much closer to home.