Six reasons to sail the Caribbean

The Caribbean. A sultry seductive destination with as many stunningly beautiful beaches as there are stars in the sky. This archipelago is well known for being an extraordinary holiday destination with a variety of fantastic places that are well worth sampling.

But wait – if you're midway through booking a single-destination holiday to this vibrant location, we've got a list of reasons that may well change your mind. And as Captain Jack Sparrow knows, there's only one way to see the Caribbean, and that's by boat.

Reason 1 – We're talking about an archipelago here…

The first reason that sailing the Caribbean makes sense is a simple one – it's an archipelago. The only way you're going to get more than a snapshot of it is by visiting more than one place. Sure, you can easily spend a week admiring the beaches and rainforests of Dominica, or you could spend ten days in Havana exploring the history and culture of Cuba.

But these holidays represent many missed opportunities. The Caribbean is unbelievably multifaceted and exciting, and staying in one place severely limits what you can see. So, you know, you could opt for that two-week trip to a beach in the Bahamas. But you're unlikely to get as much as an unforgettable experience as if you were sailing from one paradise-portion to the next, taking plenty of time to experience the local culture and relax in glittering coves and coral reefs.

Reason 2 – It's more convenient than packing and repacking your belongings all the time

All right, we've made a case for seeing more of this glittering jewel than just the one side. But why consider sailing? Well, you could in theory drive around getting ferries to various islands, but with an island nation, that's going to be a lot of hassle. Come on, this is supposed to be a holiday! Travelling from one hotel to the next becomes incredibly repetitive and exhausting, and you're meant to be enjoying yourself.

Comparatively, imagine resting up on deck, swigging a cocktail while the captain and the crew take care of the sailing? This has got to be the better option, surely? Additionally, bringing your accommodation everywhere you go has its own advantages. You only need to pack and unpack your clothes once, and you've got time to make it your own.

Reason 3 – There's an air of exclusivity with Seafarer

While sailing with Seafarer, you'll be able to make the most of our experienced crew's intricate knowledge of this incredible archipelago. There are plenty of special places that few other eyes have seen, which we can lead you to. Lots of locations that present some unique but rarely seen attributes of the Caribbean feature on our extensive tours.

Take, for example, the stunning shores of Nevis, which look as though they've been plucked straight from a Michael Palin travel documentary. Completely unspoilt, simultaneously charismatic with cragginess and beset with beaches. Or you might learn about the best places to visit in Falmouth Harbour on Antigua, with its myriad of dockyards, marinas and old inns resembling the famed town of Tortuga in Pirates of the Caribbean. Stroll between sun-tanned yacht crews and sea hardy fishermen in search of trinkets and see if you can discover some treasure for yourself.

Reason 4 – Sailing the Caribbean gives you the chance to try something different

Naturally, if you're travelling to the Caribbean, you want plenty of opportunities to relax. And you will have them on a Seafarer holiday, with chances to chill out and enjoy the lush surroundings of various beaches and spectacular coves. But for some travellers, the pull of adventure and adrenaline is simply too strong to keep them lying down for long. 

If this is you, don't imagine for one minute that you have to be cooped up on deck when you could be testing your limits at something new. A holiday with us might see you windsurfing across a beautiful azure bay. Or explore the intimate crags of coral that characterise much of the coastline with a diving experience. Failing that, check out the vast numbers of tropical fish that call the Caribbean their home. Watch them flick through your fingers, as entranced by you as you are by them.

Reason 5 – You're getting away from it all

We're all familiar with recent reports that we're using our smartphones on holiday more often than ever before. However, surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean, you'll want to leave the device turned off and in your cabin. Sailing increases the feeling of isolation and otherworldliness, helping you to imagine that you've truly left the drudgery of the nine-to-five behind you for good. 

Of course, you haven't. But it's nice to pretend for a while, isn't it?

Reason 6 – Sailing the Caribbean is pure unadulterated fun

What other reason do you really need to explore this extraordinary island nation by boat? Whether you choose to board the spectacular Star Clipper with its full collection of modern comforts and for the full sailing experience with a fully rigged traditional tall ship, or hop aboard a catamaran for an altogether more intimate experience, we can guarantee you will adore every second of your time in this wondrous place.