Frolick in the water with Seafarer

There’s nothing like getting your swimming trunks on and taking that first plunge into the sea on holiday. That feeling of being surrounded by unending turquoise water for miles around, coupled with the knowledge that your worries are truly over for the duration of your holiday is like a heavy burden being lifted from your shoulders. Here at Seafarer, we can really help you make the most of the watery paradise situated in your chosen location. We know the best spots for all the snorkelling and diving, and we are sure to enjoy regular stops in picturesque coves on attractive stretches of coastline, allowing you to explore for yourself. Take a look below at our favourite destinations for water exploration.

The Maldives

Swimming in the Maldives is truly a heavenly sensation. Crystal clear waters stretch as far as the eye can see, while gorgeous tropical fish follow your every move. Patterned in all the colours of the rainbow, they truly are a splendid sight, and our crew can take you to the best spots for seeing marine life. On top of the fish, keep an eye out for bottlenose dolphins which also call this island paradise ‘home’ at certain times of the year. For those who want to take to the sea in an alternate mode of transport, the Eleuthera catamaran offers a pair of sea kayaks, while the Marquise 56′ Catamaran offers one sea kayak. These seat two people and are great for frolicking around on the water.

The Seychelles

Some of the most incredible marine life in the world exists in the Seychelles. Temperatures are warm all year round here, making it an island paradise for all manner of creatures that can be found basking in the waves. We really can’t go any further without mentioning the unforgettable snorkeling, with thousands of fish to be found in the picturesque harbour of La Digue. Once again, there are plenty of coral reefs to be discovered, with both snorkelers and divers alike finding what they’re looking for. And once again, there is the option to try out the sea kayak aboard the Marquise 56′ Catamaran. Consider also the Garden of Eden cruise, where you can take advantage of sports and snorkelling equipment and a swimming platform.

The Bahamas

Another idyllic destination of palm trees, white sands and attractive wooden huts. But the Bahamas looks just as good underneath the water as it does on top, with snorkeling and diving proving some of the more popular activities here. Perfect white sand flows between your toes as you head out in search of incredible fish specimens, majestic turtles and more. Divers will see the most, of course, with the opportunity to spy Caribbean lobster, gardens of sea fans and even Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins. This represents an experience that you’ll never forget.


The Dalmatian Sea is as beautiful and appealing as you could ever hope for, with its deep blue hue and the charismatic cities of Croatia dotted along it. Between exploring the stunning constructs of Dubrovnik and Split, there is ample opportunity to take to the waves with some of the sporting equipment on one of our cruise vessels. Whether you choose to take to the waves in a kayak or on a windsurfer, you can be sure of having a great time. Wind speeds are very favourable here for the sailors and there is no limit to the fun you can have paddling around. Then, once you’re suitably exhausted, we’ll enjoy some fine Croatian cuisine to bring your strength back up. Bliss.