Double dates: Cruising two destinations

Sometimes, one holiday destination just isn't enough. Whether as a cultural enthusiast, you yearn for contrasting architecture and history, or simply want to enjoy the best of both city life and beach beauty in one go, a dual-destination cruise holiday is definitely something you should consider.

Take, for example, Seafarer's Greek Islands and Istanbul Itinerary, which offers exploration of one of the most hustling, bustling cities in the world. Declared the point where east meets west, you can expect to encounter a veritable melting pot of cultures, all among an absolute hive of cafés, restaurants and cultural things to do. Discover Istanbul's fascinating history as an essential port and this fascinating city of Turkey. Visit its sites of cultural importance as well as its extravagant markets.

And then embark on an adventure throughout the Greek Islands that allows you to witness the very start of civilisation, where you will be treated to ruins dating back further than you could possibly imagine, to the likes of Hippocrates, Socrates and other famed philosophers and physicians.

If you needed more persuading, here are some more reasons why you should consider holidaying in two distinct countries.

Culture clash

The cultures in Turkey and Greece are vastly different, and nowhere is this more evident than in Istanbul and the Greek Islands. Despite the proximity of the two locations, this is an invigorating part of the world to be in, and with a choice of excursions available, you have the opportunity to explore its many vibrant facets. After venturing onto places like Mykonos, Patmos and Rhodes, taking time to explore their elegant coastlines and picturesque ports, the difference between the two cultures should be very obvious indeed. Experiencing such contrast can be enlightening and educational.

Start by exploring the likes of the Topkapi Palace, the Blie Mosque, Saint Sophia and the Grande Bazaar in Istanbul – places that offer incredible history and spectacular architecture. Then contrast it with the fascinating museums of Rhodes. It's also worth exploring the medieval old town, with its ancient walls and charismatic streets lined with churches and beautiful old buildings dating back to the Templar Knights of St John. Finally, the experience both starts and ends in Athens, which has not only a lively and vibrant nightlife but also one of the most notable historical sites in the entire world – the Acropolis.

Variety in activities

While the Greek islands offer plenty of opportunity to swim in serene bay locations, the city of Istanbul offers markets, activity and excitement. Why choose one over the other? There is plenty of time to do both. The Turkish cultural metropolis represents a chance to see some of the world's most magnificent architectures and indulge in an international atmosphere. Greece's many islands, meanwhile, showcase rest and relaxation at their finest, as well as some fascinating ancient monuments. Indulge in the best of both worlds.


Visiting two locations can sound like a lot of unwanted stress if you're on holiday, but cruising is something that takes the pain out of travel. Aboard our Cristal Cruise Vessel or Variety Voyager, you will be able to spend the travel time in plenty of comfort, entertaining yourself in the lounge or enjoying a sea breeze out on the sundeck. There is a children's club, casino and a beauty salon, while the novel factor of bringing your bedroom with you means that you won't have to unpack everything more than once on holiday.

If we've made the case for a double destination cruise break, don't delay – book ontoone of our Greek Islands and Istanbul itineraries right now for an unforgettable experience. Choose between the Aegean Mosaic from Istanbul or the Five Greek Islands and Turkey from Athens.