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Cape Verde reaps tourism rewards

Tourism is continuing to do good things for the island country of Cape Verde, which has seen its gross domestic product (GDP) rise by a spectacular three per cent in 2014 – a healthy figure indeed compared to last year's 0.5 per cent.

This is according to a technical team at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which put the good news down to better fortunes for the euro. In turn, Cape Verde saw a greater number of holidaymakers from the EU coming to visit.

It's all good news for those visiting the country as they will be greeted with better amenities and a thriving industry as various companies put the new income to work. But what exactly are your reasons for travelling to Cape Verde? If you've ever wanted to experience a truly unique cruise and a destination that boasts natural beauty in abundance as well as a wondrous culture, you've come to the right place.

Read on for our top reasons as to why you should visit Cape Verde for your next holiday.

Culture and variety

When you visit a single holiday destination, you're often experiencing just one culture. Cape Verde, on the other hand, consists of ten individual islands, nine of which are inhabited. And so you are likely to encounter nine separate cultures, each with their own distinct way of doing things, during your cruise in Cape Verde. Differences extend to cooking, activities, natural beauty and even language. While Portuguese is the official tongue, each island also possesses its own 'Creole'. These are essentially made up of 15th-century Portuguese with varying influences and vocabulary, thanks to Cape Verde's fascinating and potted past.

Natural beauty

Cape Verde is one of those places you wish you could live all the time, just because it would allow you to get back in touch with nature. The landscapes are truly mind blowing, with examples including towering mountains draped with blue streaks of cloud and seemingly endless green valleys. But what is even more impressive is the way nature seems to meld with mankind's settlements here. Houses in the capital Praia have been painted in bright colours to complement the brilliant sky. Palm trees line every road, and you're never far from a splendid skyscape that is completely uninterrupted by buildings. You'll be swept off your feet by Cape Verde's beauty. 


In daily life, corn is the staple food of Cape Verde. For example, the national dish, cachupa, is a stew of hominy, beans and whatever meat or vegetables may be available depending on the season. This is all the better since you're guaranteed something fresh this way. For religious and celebratory occasions, ingredients are carefully chopped and prepared, with the women usually spending a few days prior to the feast carefully pounding corn for cachupa and cleaning the vegetables. Such activities are worth watching, simply because it makes you realise how people place an importance on food here that we have simply forgotten in our own society.

Places to go

Aboard our cruise, you'll be able to witness the many facets of this incredible country. Step aboard the mega yacht Harmony V that you'll share with no more than just 49 other passengers and get ready for the journey of a lifetime. From the bustling streets of Praia – the capital city – to the rolling splendour of San Antao – considered the greenest island – you won't want to close your eyes for a second.


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