Best cruises for families

Seafarer’s recent offer allows families to holiday at a discounted rate, with excellent locations and huge savings available. So why not make the most of these savings and take the family to an entirely new destination this summer? There is plenty of choice available, but at the same time, some locations are undoubtedly better than others when you’re bringing the kids – particularly young ones. Of course, all of our cruises offer great activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, such as swimming in azure waters in picturesque coves.

Read on to discover our favourite locations for families.


Italy, with its spectacular coastlines and warm welcoming culture, can be enjoyed by anyone. But it’s particularly excellent for those with children thanks to a number of factors. Firstly, there is the availability of child-friendly foodstuffs – pizza and pasta are in plentiful supply, and of course the gelato (ice cream) is legendary. Secondly, its proximity to the UK is certainly very useful, and at a mere two to three hours flight duration, the kids will barely have time to finish the in-flight film. But more than that – the assets possessed by cities such as Rome and Venice are universally appealing, with an enormous degree of charm. As a bonus, Italy is a very safe place to holiday.


Another European destination, the travel duration for Greek cities is only a little longer than to those in Italy from London. A Seafarer cruise here will generally see you exploring the jaw-droppingly beautiful Greek Islands, of which there are more than 1,400. One aspect the kids are bound to love about this particular cruise holiday is the connection to the ubiquitous Greek mythology. If they’ve studied it at school or even watched Disney’s Hercules, they’re going to have the time of their lives exploring ancient ruins and finding out about the Gods of Mount Olympus. Seafarer’s Classical Greece Itinerary encompasses many spectacular locations perfect for finding out about the legends. A prominent stop-off at Crete is an opportunity for the kids to learn about the terrifying tale of the Minotaur, for example.

River Rhine

For sheer variety, there’s nothing like the Classic Rhine itinerary, which includes stop-offs in a number of bustling European cities including Amsterdam, Koblenz, Cologne and Strasbourg, among others. The kids will love the opportunity to get to grips with several different cultures, but they’ll particularly enjoy the opportunity to visit the famous Reichsburg Castle, towering high above the town of Cochem. In fact, they’ll have a great time on deck while you’re travelling through this winding river, as the valleys are peppered with spectacular fortifications and stunning flora. So they certainly won’t be bored while you’re in transit between ports.


If you’ve got teenagers who happen to be into Game of Thrones, there is no better holiday destination than Croatia’s Dubrovnik where the drama is filmed. A stunning walled city encompassed by some of the oldest fortifications in the world, there’s certainly an otherworldly atmosphere here that the whole family will enjoy. But that’s not all. Travelling on Seafarer’s Split to Dubrovnik cruise, you’ll have the chance to witness the extraordinary Dalmatian Coast in all its glory. Among the offerings that kids are certain to love, the white water rafting excursion on the Cetina river certainly stands out.

Wherever you decide to take the family this year, you can be sure of getting the most out of your holiday with Seafarer. Family-friendly vessels, excellent service and a number of extras on some of our boats including kayaks and snorkelling equipment help make for an extremely memorable holiday.

Our small ship cruises are the best choice for families looking to spend time together and re-connect, rather than each going their separate ways on organised activities on board, which small ships simply do not offer. Swimming from the aft swimming platform, going sea kayaking or exploring together ashore are all activities families love