Why we love cruise holidays

A new survey revealed this week that we Brits absolutely love a cruise holiday, with many claiming the ease of booking to be a primary factor. But that wasn't all – the survey from Bon Voyage actually went into a fair bit of detail, revealing that 72 per cent of participants enjoy cleaner facilities on a cruise than on other types of break. Fewer delays were cited by 64 per cent and friendlier staff by 56 per cent.

All of these are great reasons to embark on the sailing journey of a lifetime, but here at Seafarer, we've actually come up with a few more just in case you weren't persuaded. So as well as getting a reliable experience that is easy to book, you can look forward to these bonuses.

The destinations are eye-opening

Perhaps you're seeking an adventure in a far-distant and wonderful land, completely alien to the UK? Or maybe you'd rather spend your time a little closer to home, exploring the wonders of Europe. How about the pristine crescent-shaped coasts of the Maldives? Maybe the mythology of the Greek Islands? Or perhaps something completely different – the river towns of the Rhine? Whether you're a sun worshipper or a history buff, everyone can enjoy a cruise.

You can see more of the world

Who wants to stay in one place anyway? Basing yourself around a single town, city or resort for the duration of your holiday limits you to a single culture; a single beach; a single gastronomic experience. Why not make the most of your time abroad and see a little more of your chosen country? If you choose your holiday carefully, you can even squeeze in a number of nations into one trip, such as our Turkey and Greece itineraries or Italy and Malta. Travelling between ports, you'll build up a much more varied picture of the world than if you were to simply stay in one place. But you won't have to think about unpacking or packing your bag more than once.

You don't lose that holiday feeling

Participants in the Bon Voyage survey said they were pleased with how easy it is to book a cruise. But that's just the start – once you're on the ship, the emphasis is on relaxation and you're free to absolve yourself of responsibility until you return. At Seafarer, you can count on our caring, experienced and knowledgeable staff, who are on hand to answer every whim. Stretch out on deck with a book or float along in the crystal clear waters of whatever bay we happen to be moored in – and feel your troubles float away too.

Fun and varied activities

You're never stuck on a cruise ship for long and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the local culture – just as you would on any holiday. However, the difference is that aboard a cruise, you'll have a selection of fun and varied activities to do, including an extensive itinerary of events that might not be open to non-cruisers. Aboard many of our vessels, we have equipment for windsurfing, snorkelling and other marine activities. So while our cruises will be unexpected and surprising, there's one thing you can count on – you certainly won't be bored.