Harmony G Sundeck

Over the years, we at Seafarer have grown accustomed to welcoming everyone onto our ships to experience our winning formula, but we’re always particularly pleased to see the occasional old face coming back for a trip around the Greek Islands or the Seychelles.

Colin is just one such friend. Having sampled our Seychelles Mega Yacht, Antiquity to Byzantium, Classical Greece, Dream Mauritius and Rivers of West Africa holidays, as well as several itineraries that no longer exist, he is something of a globetrotter. He laughs when I suggest this, however. “I’m just trying to see some of the world!” he says, easily.

A personal mission

But there’s a little more to Colin’s personal mission than meets the eye. He came on his first Seafarer and Variety cruises with his wife of 48 years Gwen, who sadly passed away due to cancer in 2012 after battling the disease for three-and-a-half years. “We managed to go on a couple of holidays during that time,” he reminisces. “She was very sick, although she didn’t show it. She particularly loved the Greek islands. We went there for her last holiday and we had a fantastic time.”

To be married for almost half a century and then suddenly find himself alone was extremely difficult, he admits. But he hasn’t let becoming a widower deter him from exploring the world. In fact, it’s helped him carry on. “This is how I’m coping with my life as a single person.”

Smaller vessels

But what is it that has kept Colin coming back to Seafarer? “It’s the ship size!” he enthuses. “My worst nightmare is being stuck on a 3,000 passenger boat. But with fewer people, you get a more intimate experience.”

It’s something that has helped him make friends on his journeys very quickly – something he values as a single traveller – who he loves keeping in touch with. “The Seychelles was a standout, there were a couple of Swiss people who were very, very nice,” he says. “And when I got home, I had an invite to Switzerland on my doormat, so I got to go to Switzerland and meet them there!”

But it’s not just his fellow holidaymakers that help him enjoy the journey. He has travelled on so many of our cruises that he recognises the crew members on sight as well, having bumped into some of them multiple times. “We’ve become quite good friends,” he chuckles.

An intimate experience

While the smaller vessels lend themselves to a more intimate experience, Colin says that the personal tailoring starts well before he’s on deck sunning himself or swimming in the crystal clear waters of a local bay. When he’s ready to book his next adventure, he gets on the phone to Seafarer and Variety’s office. “I get fantastic advice from Iwona,” he says. “She knows what I like – her and Suzie. We form a holiday to suit me and they know everything already.”

Colin has even received destination advice from the dynamic duo when he’s stuck for inspiration, but he doesn’t need help when it comes to choosing excursions. “I go for everything!” he laughs. “They know that now!” While he admits to getting a little tired from all the exploring this brings, he’s also fascinated by everything that he has seen. “Turkey, Greece,” he ticks off. “All these places have got unbelievable history and it’s just wonderful.”

What the future holds

And Colin doesn’t intend to put a stop on his world adventure just yet, as he is already planning his next cruise with Iwona. This time, he hopes to travel aboard one of our luxurious tall ships in Europe at some point this summer. He’s well aware of how to protect himself from the sun, though.

“I will be in the shade with a book, possibly with a beer,” he chuckles. “In fact, I know I will have a beer!”