Cruises for nature lovers

If you're a nature enthusiast, no doubt you've pondered over the question of which destinations would be the best to see some really interesting wildlife. There are some really excellent locations for this, and by hopping on a small cruise ship, you can experience them first hand without hundreds of people wanting to do the exact same thing – whether it's flora, fauna or a simpler outdoor lifestyle that you're seeking.

Costa Rica

From the playful spider monkeys with their extraordinary reach and hilarious facial expressions to the laziest of sloths, Costa Rica is bursting with opportunities to experience the wild side of life. Our itinerary allows for the chance to see red-eyed tree frogs, quetzals, tapirs, harpy eagles, white-lipped peccaries, monkeys, scarlet macaws and much more. In Quepos, it's all about the bird life, with more than 184 winged specimens making this their home. Go to Golfo, however, and it's all about the plantlife, with orchids and unusual fruit trees to be sampled. A real treat.


Those who long for a life closer to nature might be keen to experience the existence of the Kuna Indians who live in communities of bamboo-sided thatched-roofed houses on the San Blas Islands of Panama. Witness the traditional chants and craft activities that have been hallmarks of their lives for many years. The brightly coloured embroidered molas worn by the women are particularly beautiful, as are the string beads wrapped around their legs. These experiences and the ones listed above are available to all booking on our Treasures of Costa Rica & Panama Canal cruise tour.

Rivers Of West Africa

If one continent is known for its vibrant wildlife, it's most definitely Africa. Taking a river tour from Dakar to Banjul, Tendaba and Kuntaur, you'll witness all sorts of wildlife and natural beauty. 700 square miles of mudflats and swamp line the coastal belt, this area is particularly famed for hosting many bird species, from pink-backed pelicans to the Eurasian spoonbill. The boggy areas here also provide homes to West African manatees and crocodiles, as well as other aquatic animals such as dolphins. It's a breathtaking experience and available to all those taking our Rivers of West Africa sailing catamaran cruise.


The tropical forests of the Maldives are a spectacular emerald green colour and is home to a variety of creatures. But here, it's the waterlife that takes the spotlight, and rightly so. Perhaps your favourite will be the manta rays that glide through their environment, one of the most streamlined and beautifully designed of Mother Nature's creatures. Or maybe you'll look back on the first time you met a shark with more fondness. Maybe you'll be more interested in the turtles or the tropical fish that occupy the many reefs here. Whatever your favourite marine creature, you'll likely spot it on our seven or ten night excursion of the Maldives. There's even an opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to indulge in the sport by moonlight, which makes for a very special evening indeed.


The islands of the Seychelles possess a population of wildlife that is sure to invigorate the senses and stimulate the mind. From your vantage point on the 21 M/Y Pegasus, you are likely to see all manner of birds and marine life – the second of which is helped in part by the fact our vessels always take plenty of stops per trip, allowing you to explore the crystal cool waters of this spectacular location. Turtles, manta rays and hammerheads are among those you are likely to see beneath the waves – make sure you catch a glimpse. And that's without mentioning the scores of tropical fish that colour the waters with vibrant shades. You can witness them any time of year by boarding the Seychelles Cruise in the Garden of Eden holiday, courtesy of Seafarer.