Cruise vessels: Picking the ideal

When it comes to your perfect cruise holiday, it is as important to get the vessel right as it is the destination. After all, a very sizeable segment of your time will be spent on board – either travelling between destinations or relaxing in anticipation of the next excursion. We at Seafarer recognise the plethora of tastes when it comes to sailing – that some people favour luxurious amenities while others prefer the romance of a full tall ship with its magnificent sails. Of course, there are some things they all offer, such as swimming in pristine bays from the ship's swimming platform. For this reason, there are plenty of options available when you travel with us, with a selection of vessels available for many of the areas we sail to. Take a look below and see if you can find your ideal cruise holiday today.


The Caribbean remains the most popular destination among cruise-goers, securing enthusiasts from both first-timers and veterans who have heard tale of its tropical weather and holiday culture. For this reason, we like to make sure that there is an element of choice as to the type of vessel, so that you can enjoy your idyllic holiday of perfection.

Those entranced by the sweeping camera angles and extraordinary seascape battles perpetuated in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean will no doubt want the experience of sailing on a Star Clipper, which looks stunning when in full sail. You can count on this experience also when boarding the Tall Ship Royal Clipper, a larger vessel where you can enjoy the feeling of grandeur that comes with sailing to the full, particularly if you climb the mast to one of the passenger crow's nest platforms. 

For those seeking a more intimate experience of the Caribbean, perhaps a catamaran trip to Cuba or Martinique is on the agenda. These vessels contain fewer cabins – six or eight – so you can be sure of bonding with the crew and your fellow passengers during the trip. 


More fashionable than ever before, the stunning coastline of Croatia attracts thousands of admirers every year. Those seeking tradition are invited to hop aboard the motor sailers of the Katarina Line fleet. which offer oodles of charm and an abundance of cabin space. If you're after a more active holiday might consider sailing aboard the sailing cruiser Panorama. Housing kayaks and snorkelling equipment, she has all you need to take to the sea of your own accord. 

Indian Ocean

The tours available in the Indian Ocean largely rely on catamaran vessels that can really get into the nooks and crannies of destinations such as the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles. Despite the smaller size of these yachts, you can still expect plenty of comfort in your cabin, and there is more than enough room for relaxation above deck. Those looking for something with all the bells and whistles should consider the sleek and stylish Pegasus megayacht for a Seychelles cruise, which has everything from en suite facilities with a shower to hair dryers and internet and email services.


Egypt's famous River Nile maintains a long lasting appeal that owes a lot to the many historic sites one can see on its banks. To reflect this, travel in luxury aboard one of our five-star deluxe cruise vessels, which have ample deck room to admire those incredible sights. You'll benefit from a private bathroom, a full-length panoramic window and modern air conditioning depending on which tour you choose. Cabins also contain an LCD TV, should you need it, and you can expect to share the experience with no more than 150 fellow passengers.


It is only appropriate that, when it comes to our most popular destination, we offer as many modes of transport around it as is humanely possible. The Greek islands are a wonder to explore and we have no fewer than five cruise vessels that routinely take people from one to the other. From the large (Louis Olympia is capable of housing and entertaining 1664 passengers) to the cosy (Harmony V and the similarly sized Panorama 2 have just 25 cabins each) you can be sure of getting an intimate and extraordinary experience courtesy of Seafarer and Variety Cruises. More than anything, you will have an extensive choice of both destinations to be explored and the vessel you travel aboard. You'll feel like a guest of a Greek tycoon on one of the fabulous mega yacht cruises on offer. Alternatively choose a majestic tall ship and enjoy the elegance of a by-gone era.


It is only appropriate to explore the seas of Turkey in a gulet. Our fleet of these traditional Turkish vessels – commonly found in Bodrum and other seaside ports – provide a wonderfully informal location from which to enjoy your exploration of the turquoise waters surrounding the country. For those unfamiliar with the design, this type of ship consists of two or three masts and is generally wooden in construction. With Seafarer, you can expect to relax with music and TV in the saloon or take a more active approach and go for a canoe trip. You'll certainly want to spend hours in the spacious public areas or on deck, working on your tan.

No matter which cruise ship you decide to opt for in the end, you can be sure that Seafarer's knowledgeable staff will be with you every step of the way. An informal atmosphere and a fulfilling itinerary is also guaranteed. So what are you waiting for?