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A More Cultured Way To Cruise

Yummy Mummies and why we’re looking forward to winter.

With that nice Carol Kirkwood forecasting temperatures in the mid-20s later this week there’s every chance that the sunshine has been switched on at the end of the inexorable tunnel called winter. Clement weather is the order of the day, you’ll be dusting the cobwebs off your sunscreen and this weekend might even be time to get your legs out into the sun.

Splendours of The Red Sea

Who Ra, Who Ra, Who Ra!

Talk of sun worshippers and the mind immediately flips to Ra – great Sun God of the Egyptians. Once there it’s only a short cognitive leap to dial the mind back to 3,000BC or so and start imagining Luxor, Cairo, the Sphinx and all things Pharaohic. And, just in case you think we’re Pyramid selling – you’re absolutely right because this coming winter we’re back cruising the Red Sea and Suez area, gateway to wonders so indescribable that we simply can’t describe them. You need to come and see them for yourself.

Your Winter Rose

The itinerary takes in all the best bits of Egyptian legends but perhaps the most mind-boggling place of all is Petra, Jordan. Also known as the ‘Rose City’ this absolutely world class delight is not to be confused by the eponymous Blue Peter dog – who was actually a ringer drafted into the show after the original mutt shuffled off to doggy heaven from distemper after only 2 days on set. However, in typical Fertile Crescent dynastic fashion, Petra begat Shep and the rest is history. 

Splendours of The Red Sea

Splendours of The Red Sea

aboard the 25-Cabin Harmony V

See the best that Egypt & Jordan has to offer and enjoy some wonderful winter sun.

Itinerary #1:

  • Suez
  • Hurghada
  • Luxor
  • Gubal Islands
  • Aqaba
  • Jordan [for Petra, Wadi Rum & Amman]

Itinerary #2:

  • Ashdod, Israel
  • Port Said [for Cairo]
  • Suez Canal
  • St Anthony’s Monastery
  • Hurghada
  • Aqaba, Jordan [for Petra, Wadi Rum & Amman]

It’s a culture vulture’s delight

There is so much culture in this area that we’ve actually put together 2 slightly different itineraries (one includes the Suez Canal), so you get to choose. We can’t possibly put it all into one email so if you want the full sarcophagus you’ll need to click here.