Greek Island Cruises

Cruising around the Greek Islands

We consider the Greek Isles to be one of the world’s most idyllic and fascinating cruise destinations combining stunning natural beauty, a long and fascinating history and a warm and vibrant culture. Add to all this a wonderful Mediterranean climate and renowned Greek hospitality and you have all the ingredients necessary for an unforgettable perfect cruise .

It should also be said that the Greek isles are made up of not one but several cruising areas each of which is waiting to be explored. The country truly does have something for everyone. For those interested in history, Greece has been described as an open air museum of countless ancient temples, palaces and amphitheatres, Byzantine monasteries and much much more..

Countless pretty towns and villages have inspired artists and writers, whilst the colourful culture, warm hospitality and the rich and varied cuisine have enchanted travelers and visitors since antiquity.

We have specialised in holidays and cruises in Greece for over 20 years and know the country intimately. We also offer the widest choice of cruises in Greece so we are best placed to advise you and tailor make your holiday to suite your requirements..

When you explore the Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas you travel back through time. On board our luxurious and comfortable yachts you will experience Greece dating back to antiquity at destinations like Delos or Kos in Dodecanese , through the Byzantine era in places like Nafplion and Monemvassia, on to medieval Rhodes and on to modern times in islands like Mykonos, Kithira and Amorgos.

Our custom-made cruises give you a unique opportunity to enjoy high quality service on board combined with breath taking scenery. It’a a true Greek experience.

Our Greek Island Cruises have something for everyone

  • Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters
  • Small but wonderful islands with a relaxing atmosphere
  • Cosmopolitan islands with great nightlife
  • Famous Greek cuisine
  • Historic sites like Santorini, Knossos, Delos, Athens, Rhodes