Exotic Cruises

Experience more with our exotic cruises

We are delighted to offer a range of exotic cruises, taking you to some of the most breathtaking locations in the world on both majestic tall ships and high tech mega yachts.

Inspired by the tall ships of old,  the Royal Clipper has the proud distinction of being the largest and only five-masted full-rigged sailing ship built since her predecessor was launched at the beginning of the last century. With her complement of 42 sails, Royal Clipper is a splendid sight to behold. The Star Clipper, considerably smaller yet both capture the grandeur of ocean travel of yesteryear. Royal Clipper offers cruises to the Caribbean whilst the sister ships Star Clipper and Star Flyer  dover the Caribbean and far East with a superb choice of itineraries.

The mega yachts of Variety Cruises include a wonderful choice of exotic destinations such as  the Rivers of West Africa where you can join us for a fascinating cruise upstream the Gambia River including 4 national  reserves.

Discover the Seychelles the best way: by mega yacht as you hop from island to island in perfect harmony with this unspoilt ‘Garden of Eden’.  Explore the tripical paradise of Costa Rica and Panama up close.with its tropical rainforrests, amazing beaches and mesmerising flora and fauna.  Visit authentic Cuba before mass market tourism changes it forever.  In all these wonderful destinations, choosing a yacht cruise means that you truly discover these destinations up close like no other cruise can, 

  • Fully air-conditioned superior vessels with spacious cabins and en suite facilities
  • Spacious sun deck with comfortable sun bathing area,
  • Al fresco dining with full board featuring fresh local ingredients



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