Caribbean Cruises

There is something special about a Caribbean cruise. Perhaps there’s something in the water – or is it something in the air? Certainly the seas and sky together have a unique blueness that comes together to make a wonderful horizon. Better still just over every blue horizon lies another hidden cove, golden sands or beach bar.

For Seafarer the words ‘Caribbean cruise’ opens a vista of opportunities. Top of the list are our clipper cruises on the Star Clipper or Royal Clipper around the Windward Islands and the Grenadines. Next we have a choice of Cuba cruises – two fabulous tall ship cruises, a Cuba luxury Mega Yacht cruise and a catamaran cruise. If cats and islands are your thing try the Martinique catamaran cruise.  Last, but by no means least, slightly westward there is a wonderful Panama Canal and Costa Rica cruise – bring your sense of adventure.


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