Western Mediterranean Star Clipper

Discover the Western Mediterranean on an elegant Tall Ship that offers a unique and unforgetable cruise experience

7 Nights Cruises.

Our Western Mediterranean cruises allow you to sail through this beautiful and picturesque part of the world whilst visiting many famous destinations as you go. The Med offers comfortably warm seas and covers an area of nearly one million square miles between the Strait Of Gibraltar in the west and the Suez Canal in the east, with various embayments in between.

There will be chances to explore the breathtaking Systeine Chapel, and marvel at the Spanish Steps, where all Rome passes by. Take in the sights of Ponza and Palmarola, as you consider an optional excursion to the historic Pompeii. Take a stroll through the Grando Duomo in Amalfi or visit nearby Positano, reputed to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean.

Your vessel: The Star Clipper

Ports of call Include: Rome - Ponza - Palmarola - Sorrento - Amalfi - Taormina - Stromboli - Gatea - Rome

Tall Ship Cruise

Amalfi & Sicily Itinerary

Civitaveccia (Port for Rome), Italy

St. Peter’s, with its breathtaking Sistine Chapel, newly restored to its former glory; the Spanish Steps, where all Rome passes by; the Colosseum, where gladiators fought to the death, and the Pantheon, considered to be the most perfect architectural statement of the ages.

Ponza, Italy

The pastel houses of Ponza Town rise in neat terraced rows from the busy harbour where sleekly groomed yachts and ramshackle fishing boats moor side by side. Happily, there are few tourists here, so it’s a delight to wander through the unspoiled town.

Palmarola, italy

Palmarola is a snorkelling heaven that is part of a group called The Pontine Islands, located off the coast between Rome and Naples. A craggy landscape with pink coral beaches and emerald coves beckons so don’t forget your swimsuit and flippers. Totally unique, isolated and stunning.

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, whose city walls rise straight out of the sea, is located on the lovely Amalfi Coast and overlooks the Bay of Naples. Optional excursions might include taking a trip back in history to Pompeii, where the ashen remains of ancient Romans lie frozen in time.

Amalfi, Italy

During the Middle Ages, Amalfi was a powerful republic of 70,000 people, rivalling nearby Ravello. For a sense of Amalfi’s medieval glory, wander through the grand Duomo, containing the remains of St. Andrew. Or visit nearby Positano, said to be the most beautiful town in the Mediterranean.

Taormina, Sicily – Italy

Barreling under full sail through the narrow Strait of Messina past Scylla and Charybdis, where rock and whirlpool almost claimed Ulysses, you arrive in lovely Taormina. Perched on the shoulder of Mt. Etna, Taormina inspired Goethe to say that “It is the greatest work of art and nature.”

Lipari, Italy

Sailing Past Stromboli

Italy’s seven volcanic Aeolian Islands, just off the north coast of Sicily, are obviously a place favored by the Gods. In Lipari, climb narrow streets to the medieval castello and enjoy a secluded beach. As Royal Clipper sails past Isola Strómboli, watch the sky for frequent volcanic fireworks.

Gatea, Italy

Gaeta is one of the most beautiful cities in south-central Italy’s Lazio region. It’s seven beaches are popular due to their white sand, sparkling water and well-run lidos. The seafood restaurants amazing and make sure you try the famous Gaeta olives that come from the nearby town of Itri.

Civitavecchia (Port for Rome), Italy

St. Peter’s, with its breathtaking Sistine Chapel, newly restored to its former glory; the Spanish Steps, where all Rome passes by; the Colosseum, where gladiators fought to the death, and the Pantheon, considered to be the most perfect architectural statement of the ages.

Star Clipper

Star Clipper is a true clipper ship, reflecting her proud heritage in every inch of the polished brass and gleaming brightwork that graces her decks and superstructure. Step aboard this striking vessel and you’ll be greeted by a new generation of sailing culture. Here, the grand traditions of the past, which characterise what sailing is all about, exist alongside the comforts and amenities found on the contemporary cruise liners of today.

Life aboard is blissfully relaxed, much like travelling on a private yacht. You’ll never feel restricted or disorientated on any of our ships as our staff work tirelessly to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″][b;align-left]Tall%20Ship,Star%20Clipper|Launched%20%2F%20Rebuilt,1991|Masts,4|Sails,16|Length,111.57%20meters|Beam,15.14%20meters|Draft,5.5%20meters|Crew,106|Passenger%20Capacity,170[/vc_table]

Sun Deck

Star Flyer Sun Deck

Clipper Deck

Star Flyer Clipper Deck

Main Deck

Star Flyer Main Deck

Commodore Deck

Star Flyer Commodore Deck


Star Flyer Category 1 Cabin

Category 1 Cabin

Sun Deck or Main Deck

Two Lower Beds convert to Double Bed

These deluxe outside cabins feature a minibar, private marble bathroom with whirlpool bath. Cabin doors open onto the deck.

Star Flyer Category 2 -4 Cabin

Category 2 – 4 Cabin

Clipper Deck or Commodore Deck

Two Lower Beds, Double Bed or Tripple Berths

Cabins may be inside or outside and all feature a private marble bathroom.

Star Flyer Category 6 Cabin

Category 6 Cabin

Commodore Deck

Upper and Lower Berths

Inside cabins which have a private bathroom.

 Category 5 cabins are also available and may be on the Clipper or Commodore Decks and may have two lower beds, double bed or tripple berths, plus private marble bathroom.


Western Mediterranean Star Clipper

Sailing DateNightsVesselItineraryOSDLX123456SGL3RDPort charges
18/06/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
25/06/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
02/07/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
20/08/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
27/08/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
03/09/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
10/09/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
17/09/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
24/09/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165
08/10/20227Star ClipperAmalfi & Sicily£3,250N/A£2,430£2,140£2,020£1,890£1,710£1,545£2,000£695£165

ATOL 9511Book your flights with us to ensure full ATOL protection for your holiday.

All rates are per person, based on double occupancy in POUND STERLING, Cruise rates do not include air, hotel or transfer arrangements of any kind, Gratuities are not included, There are a limited number of three berth cabins available, Port charges are additional, Certain restrictions apply, Sole Occupancy Supplement: 100% category 1, owner’s Cabin, 50% category 2 through 6.

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