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  • 7 Night Cruise
  • The Society Islands
  • Beautiful Bora Bora
  • Stingrays & Sharks Experience
  • Marae Temples on Huahine
  • The scared blue eels of Faie
  • Fabulous botany and incredible fruit
  • Beaches, lagoons and amazing snorkeling
  • ‘Hawaiki’ – the polynesian homeland
  • Moorea – James Michener’s mythical ‘Bali
Plus, on the 12 night cruise
  • Awesome atolls
  • Unbroken Rings of Coral on Tikehau
  • A picnic on a shallow underwater sandbank
  • Crystal clear waters and pink sandy beaches
  • Super-friendly local people

Tahiti & The Islands Of French Polynesia

Few words are more evocative of Pacific Island cruising than ‘Tahiti’ – thanks to great French painter Paul Gaugin we can immediately conjure up images of coconut palms and grass skirts. Yet Thaiti is just one of the treasures on offer.

This wonderful South Pacific archipelago is dotted with islands sculpted by sky-piercing, moss-green peaks and lined with vivid turquoise lagoons. Island-hopping in a small ship is the only way to see every landscape, from geometric ridges strung with waterfalls on the high islands to flat, desert-like atolls where lagoons far outsize the landmass. As you will discover there are many sides to

The Islands of Tahiti but, as any local will tell you, they are all connected by ‘Mana’ – the life force and spirit at the very soul of French Polynesia.. From the moment you arrive here, you will be embraced by it

A Choice Of Two Itineraries – 12 Day Or 8 Day

Tahiti is half-a-world away in every respect so, having come this far, we think it’s only sensible to give you a choice of itineraries, along with the option to extend your visit with a land stay (see below). The only way to see these islands is by boat and, to make the most of your adventure, we recommend the 12 days cruise – that way you get to enjoy the full flavour of the archipelago.

The 8 days cruise is ideal if you’re tighter for time, or for those who want to make sure they see the beauty of the islands but also get chance to spend some time on shore ‘living the Polynesian dream’.

12 Days In The South Pacific

Our 12 days cruise follows a similar journey around the Society Islands as the 8 days cruise, but also ventures north to explore the many small ‘atolls’ of the Tuamotu Islands. This is one of the most enchanting areas of the South Pacific, if not the world, much beloved by famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau for its lagoons and marine life.

Ports of Call – Papeete port/Tahiti, Society Islands | Bora Bora, Society Islands | Taha'a, Society Islands | Raiatea, Society Islands | Huahine, Society Islands | Tetiaroa, Society Islands | Tikehau, Tuamotu Islands | Ahe, Tuamotu Islands | Rangiroa, Tuamotu Islands | Rangiroa, Tuamotu Islands | Moorea, Society Islands | Papeete port/Tahiti

The Weather

In French Polynesia, a vast archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, the climate is tropical, influenced by the south-east trade winds, with a hot and humid season from November to April and a cooler season from May to October. The hot season is also the rainiest, in addition, from December to April, there’s the risk of cyclones (except on the Marquesas Islands). The temperatures vary little throughout the year, but they are high on the northern islands and gradually cooler as you move to the south.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Papeete, Tahiti

Papeete, Tahiti

Embarkation 14.30 to 16.00 followed by an afternoon departure to Bora Bora – welcome cocktails and dinner will be served at sea!

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is possibly the most photographed place on earth and any visit is a once in a lifetime dream. Panorama II cruises into Bora Bora lagoon, with Mount Otemanu standing tall in the centre, to begin 2 days spent in paradise. Whilst here we offer a variety of optional activities such as the 4×4 Bora Bora Cultural Tour, the Snorkeling with Stingrays and Sharks excursion, the Open-air Lagoon Aquarium experience, the Bora Bora tour by ‘le Truck’ and more. We spend the night at anchor.

Bora Bora - Taha'a

Bora Bora – Taha’a

This morning we continue our Bora Bora activities. After lunch we cruise the Bora Bora lagoon and sail to Taha’a, making an early afternoon arrival at this true botanical paradise. The fertile valleys and sloping hillsides are covered with banana, watermelon and coconut groves, whilst the island also acts as an immense natural greenhouse for the highly prized Tahitian vanilla orchid. Our optional half-day Taha’a Island Adventure excursion allows you to explore the beautiful interior of Taha`a by 4×4 and discover the luxurious tropical vegetation. We have a tasting of local fruit and get breath-taking views of the magnificent turquoise bay of Haamene. This excursion also includes a visit to the pearl farm and a traditional vanilla plantation. In the afternoon we make time for swimming and snorkelling from a Motu – a reef surrounding an atoll. Overnight at anchor.



Today we sail inside the lagoon to reach nearby Raiatea, which translates to ‘faraway heaven’ and once the cultural and religious centre of the Society Islands. Known in legends as Hawaiki, ‘the homeland’, many believe that this is where the great Polynesian migration began and the island remains a place of pilgrimage today. Our optional excursion will start by exploring the Faaroa River, French Polynesia’s only navigable river, by kayak with an expert guide leading the way through Raiatea’s verdant interior. Then, we visit the ancient marae temple at Taputapuatea, a recent UNESCO World Heritage Site, and learn about its Polynesian origins and historical relevance. Lunch is a locally-inspired picnic before we return to Panorama II for dinner and overnight in the lagoon.

Raiatea - Huahine

Raiatea – Huahine

We weigh anchor and sail to Huahine, once home of Tahitian royalty and considered as the cradle of Polynesian culture. The island maintains the largest concentration of ancient marae (temples) in French Polynesia, some of which are believed to date back to the original ancestors of the Tahitians, the Lapita people, around 700 AD. Huahine is an immense tropical jungle thriving with coconut plantations, vanilla orchids, banana groves, breadfruit trees and watermelon fields. Our optional half-day tour takes us by 4×4 vehicle around the island to visit Fare, then the archaeological site and a vanilla plantation at Maeva, before going to see and feed the sacred blue-eyed eels of Faie. An optional full-day excursion is also available including a land 4×4 tour plus a boat excursion including a visit to a pearl farm and a picnic. Overnight at sea to Tetiaroa.



A haven for birds, sea turtles and all kinds of marine life, Tetiaroa is treasured among Tahitians who know it as a sacred place. So sacred, that at one time the coconut-dotted white sand beaches and crystalline lagoon of this uninhabited atoll was an exclusive getaway for Tahitian royalty. It’s not surprising that actor Marlon Brando fell under its spell during the filming of “Mutiny on the Bounty” in 1960 and later went on to become its owner. A luxury eco-resort was designed under his direction and it operates in a 100% sustainable manner. We spend the morning on this charming island, exploring the lagoon and snorkelling in its crystal-clear waters. This afternoon we sail North for the Tuamotu Islands. Overnight at sea.


This morning we reach Tikehau, also called the Pink Sand Island. This small atoll consists of countless tiny white and pink sand islets engulfed in coconut groves and hidden coves. The name Tikehau actually means ‘peaceful landing’ and you’ll find nothing but absolute serenity on her calm and graceful shores. The lagoon, formed by an almost unbroken ring of continuous corals, resembles an immense natural swimming pool. This underwater aquarium is teeming with marine life. According to the legendary marine researcher Jacques Cousteau, it has a higher concentration of fish than any other lagoon in French Polynesia. Our walking tour takes us to one of the family-owned fish-farms where they trap different species of fish in a maze of underwater fencing. Much of the catch is then shipped to Papeete and sold at the local markets. We call into Tuherahera, on the southern side where most locals live, leaving the remainder of the atoll virtually untouched. Naturally adorned with hibiscus and bougainvillea, Tuherahera is one of the most stunning villages in the Tuamotu Atolls. Late in the evening we set sail to Ahe.


Stunningly beautiful and refreshingly laid-back, Ahe is one of the lesser known atolls in Tuamotu. It’s a favourite vacation spot for native Tahitians charmed by its enchanting nature, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and amazing underwater scenery. The lagoon is sprinkled with shallow sandbanks that lie just underwater creating idyllic picnic spots in a pristine tropical swimming pool filled to the brim with abundant marine life and vibrant coral gardens – it’s absolutely wonderful. We will spend the morning snorkelling in the lagoon before having a beach BBQ on a secluded Motu. Overnight at sea to Rangiroa.


Morning arrival in Rangiroa where, over more than 10 miles, 240 islets are strung together completely encircling a deep lagoon. It is world’s second largest atoll and simply beyond human imagination. Today’s optional excursion takes us to the Blue Lagoon, a natural pool formed by a string of islets and coral reefs on the edge of the main reef, a lagoon within a lagoon! Not too deep, it is home to countless varieties of marine life. We spend the afternoon swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on a pristine beach with traditional Polynesian picnic. Depending on the tide, you may even drift snorkel in the Avatoru Pass. Overnight at anchor.


Our optional excursion this morning takes us to visit with the Dolphins in Tiputa Pass where you get the chance to interact with pods of these magnificent mammals. After lunch we leave Rangiroa and the Tuamotu Islands and make the long overnight sailing south to return to Moorea and the Society Islands.


We reach Moorea, believed to have inspired the mythical Bali Hai from James Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific, around midday. A geographical marvel, eight voluminous mountain peaks rise from its translucent lagoon, creating a distinctive and rugged silhouette visible from the western coast of Tahiti. Pick from 2 optional excursions, a snorkelling and ray feeding tour, or the 3 Coconuts Hiking tour. Tonight, we will enjoy our Farewell Dinner. Overnight at anchor.

Moorea – Papeete, Tahiti

Early morning sailing to Tahiti. Morning arrival in Papeete. Disembarkation 9 to 10 am after breakfast.

Tahiti and the Pearls of French Polynesia

8 Day Cruise

A round trip cruise that starts and ends in Tahiti, 8 days giving you just enough time to really experience the awesome beauty of French Polynesia’s world-famous Society Islands. Small ship cruising is by far the best way to island-hop through these beautiful turquoise lagoons and allows you to see every landscape, from geometric ridges strung with waterfalls on the high islands to flat, desert-like atolls where lagoons far outsize the landmass.

Your vessel: The M/S Panorama II

Panorama II was launched in 2004 and fully renovated in 2012, offering the highest standard of accommodation and comfort safety.  In 2015,the main lounge and bar area have been completely refitted followed by a redecoration. 

The swimming platform enables you to swim when weather and anchorage conditions permit.

Panorama II

Home at Sea

  • Single seating dining Indoor & Outdoor Lounge – Bar
  • Indoor & Outodoor Restaurant
  • Audiovisual in Lounge
  • Mini library
  • Beach Towels
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Kayak
  • Board Games
  • Swimming Platform
  • Wi-Fi

Comfort Zone

  • Windows: Upper & Main deck cabins
  • Portholes: lower deck cabins
  • Triple Occupancy cabins: Category B
  • Flat-Screen TV
  • Mini Safe
  • Mini Fridge
  • Individually controlled A/C
  • En suite bathroom with shower
  • Hairdryers
  • Telephone for internal use
  • Central music
Panorama II Category c

Category C:

Lower Deck – (Double Bed)

The category C cabins are located on the lower deck featuring portholes and bathrooms with showers. The cabins are equipped with individual controlled A/C, piped music, TV (Satellite channels), telephone for internal use, mini safe box, mini fridge and hairdryer adapters (voltage: 220 V).

Panorama II Category B

Category B:

Lower Deck – (Twin Beds or Triple Beds)

The category B cabins are located on the lower deck featuring portholes  and bathroom with showers. The cabins are equipped with individual controlled A/C, piped music, TV (Satellite channels), telephone for internal use, mini safe box, mini fridge and hairdryer adapters (voltage: 220 V).
Panorama II Category A

Category A:

Main or Upper Deck – (Twin or Double Bed)

Category A cabins are located on the main or upper deck offering windows and bathroom with showers. The cabins are equipped with individual controlled A/C, piped music, TV (Satellite channels), telephone for internal use, mini safe box, mini fridge and hairdryer adapters (voltage: 220 V).

Panorama II Category P

Category P:

Upper Deck – (Double Bed)

Category P cabin is located on the upper deck offering a large window and bathroom with showers. The cabin is equipped with individual controlled A/C, piped music, TV (Satellite channels), telephone for internal use, mini safe box, mini fridge and hairdryer adapters (voltage: 220 V).

Panorama II Lounge Area

Lounge Area

The public areas include a main lounge with deep pile carpet and comfortable sofas.
Panorama II Dining Area

Dining Area

The bar and restaurant area at the Lower deck is the perfect setting for your meals or drinks, with generous buffet space and seating. Special meal programmes (e.g. vegetarian meals) are available on request.
Panorama II Sun Deck


The aft area at the Upper deck provides generous semi covered or sun exposed areas with loungers & chairs.
Panorama II Upper Deck Outside Bar and Lounge

Upper Deck Outdoor Bar & Lounge area

The Upper Deck provides generous semi covered or sun exposed areas where passengers can enjoy meals “al fresco” with magnificent views of each destination visited.
Panorama II Swim Platform

Swimming Platform

The swimming platform on Panorama II stern enables you to swim when weather and anchorage conditions permit.

Optional Cruise & Stay

French Pllynesia speaks for itself as a South Pacific island paradise of turquoise lagoons, colourful coral reefs and and palm fringed wite sand beaches. On land you will find volcanic peaks and lush vegetation. The local culture is fascinating and the welcome could not be warmer.

Extend your holiday with a relaxing few days at an ocean front Hotel in Tahiti

InterContinental Tahiti Resort

InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa 4*
3 nights from £390 per night per person

Manava Suite Resort

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti 4* 3 nights from £285 per person

Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort 4* 3 nights fr4o from £375 per person


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Tahiti and the Pearls of French Polynesia Cruise

2022 Cruise only prices (£) per person
10% Early Booking Discount Applies to bookings made by 31 January 2021
Departure DatesDurationCategory CCategory BCategory ACategory PEBD

Tahiti Cruise port charges, flights and supplements

Category CCategory BCategory ACategory P
Port charges7nights£214£214£214£214
Port Charges 10 nights£273£273£273£273
Single use 7N H/Season£3,323£3,754£4,618£5,700
Single use 7N M/Season£2,777£3,073£3,663£4,609
Single use 7N L/Season£2,668£2,978£3,541£4,445
Single use 10N, H Season£2,941£3,278£3,950£4,936
Single use 10N, M Season£2,886£3,237£3,855£4,813
3rd person 7N, L£614
3rd person 7N, M£682
3rd person 7N, H£709
3rd person 10N, M£873
3rd person 10N, H£914

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  • 7 or 10 nights accommodation on board in your chosen cabin grade, each with private  ensuite SH/WC & individually controlled air conditioning. Also mini fridge, and flat screen TV with complimentary movies.
  • Full-board including:  American buffet breakfast and two meals daily, The programme includes a Welcome Cocktail, a themed Greek Night, a fun BBQ on the beach or on deck (weather permitting) and Captain’s Dinner.
  • Regular (filter) coffee, tea and still mineral water free all day, plus abundant fresh fruit.
  • Use of fishing and snorkelling equipment and sea kayak (subject to availability).
  • Professional English-speaking Cruise Director
  • Flights & transfers (where booked as a flight inclusive package)
  • Beverages, except regular (filter) coffee, tea and drinking water.
  • Shore excursions on the islands or other arrangements.
  • Crew gratuities (optional –  recommend  Eur10-14 per passenger per day)
  • Passenger personal expenses.
  • Wi-Fi (available at charge).
  • Flights & transfers (unless booked as a flight inclusive package)

ndirect flights are available through Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Malaysia Airlines (via Kuala Lumpur), Qatar Airways (via Doha), Emirates (via Dubai), Thai (via Bangkok), Philippine Airlines (via Manila), Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), Korean Air and Asiana (via Seoul).

Terminal Information

From Gatwick: Emirates fly from the North Terminal while Cathay Pacific fly from the South Terminal. If you’re flying with Emirates and arriving at the airport by train you will need to take the free inter-terminal shuttle to reach your terminal. Both of Gatwick’s terminals have a wide selection of shops, eateries and lounge options to choose from.

From Heathrow: Singapore Airlines, Asiana and Thai depart from Terminal 2; Emirates and Cathay Pacific fly from Terminal 3; Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Korean Air and Qatar Airways fly from Terminal 4. Heathrow Airport is known for its designer stores and celebrity-run restaurants. Each terminal also has high-street stores and down-to-earth snack-bars, if you want to save your spending money.

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Practical Information

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