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Why we should never take the Med for granted

Has it ever occurred to you that we tend to take the Mediterranean for granted? We all know it’s there, we all love its waters, coastlines, islands, hidden coves and beautiful beaches. We wine and dine in its harbour-side cafes, tavernas and lokantas. By turns, as we cruise it in our luxury mega yachts, we find it seductive and sophisticated or wild and beautiful. But how well do we really know it?

So a few basic facts to start with. The...

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It may be high summer in the UK (well sort of) but if you’re one of those people who can’t wait to get away from it all at Xmas here’s a thing – the chance to be waited on hand, foot and finger (as my Grand-mere used to say) whilst luxury cruising one of the world’s most fabulous rivers.

We’re talking about the Seine – the majestic waterway that runs through Paris and beyond. On offer is an 11 day trip that includes a visit to...

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Create your own back-garden Aegean Experience!

We’re aware that not everybody will be on an Aegean cruise this week. But fret not – follow the following simple instructions and you can creat your very own Aegean Cruising Experience.

First you need the right music. You may not have any Bouzouki CD’s – in fact many people have done away with the CD player all together. But Spotify is at hand. All you have to do is go to the Spotify website and you can create a Greek music playlist. If you...

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Why we should all now be planning to holiday in Greece.


We don’t believe in taking sides in politics but whatever you think are the rights and wrongs of the Greek-Eurozone debacle we must not forget that whilst Greece may be running out of cash she still retains her greatest assets – her islands and Homer’s fabulous wine dark sea.

What’s more this is far from the first potential ‘disaster’ Greece has faced over the millennia. Any nation that has sat at the centre of Western...

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