Caribbean Treasures Cruise

An exciting voyage of discovery among the hidden gems of the Caribbean

The A-Z ports of call is simply incredible...

november, 2020

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  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbados
  • Bequia
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Iles des Saintes
  • Jost Van Dyke
  • Martinique
  • Mayreau
  • Monserrat
  • Nevis
  • Norman Island
  • Saba
  • St. Barths
  • St. Kitts
  • Saint Martin
  • Tobago Cays
  • Tortola
  • Virgin Gorda

That gives you a great choice of destinations to visit across a variety of dates – make a couple of trips and plan it right and you can visit all those wonderful islands most people only dream of before the Spring Equinox! The possibilities are endless, ripe with the expectation of unbelievably beautiful beaches and translucent waters, whilst the air is heady with the scent of spices, the taste of rum punch and music from the local steel band. Don’t dream on…read on!

Quite simply there’s something totally magically about Caribbean island-hopping cruising – and never more so than when it’s winter back in the UK. That’s why we’re so excited to be sending our flagship, Variety Voyager, to the region for winter 2019-20 and adding 4 great Caribbean cruising itineraries to our programme.

From 7th December 2019 through until the end of March 2020 Voyager will be interweaving her way from the Grenadines in the south and up through the Windward and then Leeward Islands all the way to the British Virgin Islands. These islands, with beautiful sandy coves and shallow beaches are tailor-made for small ship cruising and in most ports we can tie up in harbour – we don’t need to anchor offshore meaning you have to catch a tender in and out.

Ports of call: Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Bequia, Dominica, Grenada, Iles des Saintes, Jost Van Dyke, Martinique, Mayreau, Montserrat, Nevis, Norman Island, Saba, St. Barths, St. Kitts, Saint Martin, Tobago Cays, Tortola, Virgin Gorda

The Weather

The minimum average weather all year round is 23 degrees Celsius, and the maximum usually reaches about 31 degrees Celsius.

Barbados and the Grenadines

Departures: 21st & 28th December 2019, 4th & 11th January 2020, 21st March 2020

The southern end of the Lesser Antilles chain, which runs southwest from St. Vincent to Grenada, makes for classic island-hopping cruising Caribbean style. There are some 40 islands and ‘Cays’, of which well less than half are inhabited and quite a few are private. This is Pirates of the Caribbean country, St. Vincent one of the locations for The Curse of the Black Pearl. Grenada is known as ‘The Spice Island’ and famous for its nutmeg. In between the islands are a kaleidoscope of beautiful beaches, beach bars and rum punch.

Bridgetown Barbados Clock Tower


Embarkation in Barbados, before we make an early afternoon departure for Martinique with a swim-stop on the way and BBQ dinner on board. Overnight at sea to Martinique.



After enjoying a morning swim along the way, we will have an afternoon arrival in Fort de France, the capital city of Martinique, an island that is famed for its volcanic peaks and creole culture.

St Lucia

St. Lucia

Be on deck early to St Lucia’s iconic twin peaks, Les Pitons, l rise over the horizon early. If you want a close-up of this UNESCO World Heritage site we have an optional morning excursion to admire their volcanic majesty. After lunch the more adventurous might like to try our second optional excursion, an afternoon rainforest canopy zip-line excursion. Alternatively spend the time at leisure to visit the Castries Market for handicrafts, fresh fruits and vegetables, or to admire murals housed in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Dinner on board then overnight at sea to Grenada.

Grenada - St George


Morning arrival to Grenada, the “Isle of Spice”, widely claimed to be the most beautiful in the Caribbean. From the mountain nutmeg plantations to some stunning beaches (Grand Anse is rated in the World’s top 10) it’s a place of great natural beauty and wonder – join our optional morning excursion and we’ll show you all the best bits. The afternoon is at leisure to discover St. George, the quaint capital of Grenada and wander through narrow streets to admire colourful colonial buildings, forts, and churches. Or chill out on Grand Anse before re-joining Voyager for dinner whilst we sail overnight to Tobago Cays.

Tobago Cays

We arrive early in the morning at the uninhabited archipelago of Tobago Cays which make up part of Tobago Cays Marine Park. We’re talking coral reef and lagoon territory here so great for snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters and serious chill-time on deserted white-sand beaches. We stay here until lunchtime before departing for Union Island, small strip of land nicknamed ‘the Tahiti of the West Indies’ due to its volcanic silhouette and its large swathes of greenery. We think it’s one of the best kept secrets in the Grenadines.  We moor here overnight.



It’s a short morning sail to Mayreau, the smallest of the inhabited Islands in this chain with a population of under 300 souls. It’s all rather naïve – electricity only arrived in 2002 and the main population live in an unnamed village. Other than its rather primitive nature the main attraction is two amazing beaches where you can dedicate the day to swimming and snorkelling activities. Nicely sun-kissed we re-board Voyager for dinner and sail overnight to Bequia.


Bequia is the second largest island of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s a place of small picturesque villages and brightly-coloured coral reefs and quintessentially Caribbean. We stop for a swim and a BBQ followed by an optional tour to Port Elizabeth to learn more about the island’s whaling heritage at the museum and shop for local crafts in colourful markets. Tonight we dine on board and make passage to Barbados



Following breakfast, disembarkation in Barbados at 9am.

Please note this cruise can be taken over 8 days either from Martinique to Martinique or from Barbados to Barbados.

Leeward Islands and Barbados

Departures: 14th December 2019 and 14th March 2020

The Leeward Islands are legendary jewels that curve around the north-east quadrant of the Caribbean from Puerto Rico down to Guadeloupe, before turning into the Windward Islands and you see a bit of both on this cruise. Both groups, which are volcanic in origin, were named in the days of sail but being under power on the magnificent Variety Voyager the wind doesn’t really matter. Individually most of the islands are named with a European heritage – throughout history the English, French, Spanish and Dutch colonised the is area so alongside the tropical Caribbean flavour you get to discover a rich European heritage.


St. Martin

Join ship in St. Martin, which is the French side of a dual nationality island – the other side is Dutch and called San Maarten. Bring your Euro as they work in both. Dinner on board or ashore this evening and overnight in port.

Seychelles Scuba Diving


We arrive in Anguilla – so named by Columbus as he though it looked like an eel – or an ‘Anguilla’. A joy for naturalists the island plays home to Cuban tree frogs, red-footed tortoise, green iguanas, a handful of species of bats, spectacular coral reefs and sugar-soft sandy beaches. There’s time for a look around before a deck BBQ after which we set sail for St. Barth’s arriving early afternoon. Nothing planned for when we arrive so why not take a stroll through Gustavia, the relaxed capital, and visit the 17th-century forts. Alternatively take an optional afternoon hike along the Colombier Beach Trail, for a chance to see nesting red-billed tropic birds. Overnight in port so you can dine on board or eat ashore.

Caribbean West Indies

St. Kitts

We make an early morning departure to arrive around midday in St Kitts. With Georgian architecture set against a backdrop of green hills, the island’s main town Basseterre is one of the loveliest of the Caribbean’s small capitals. More than a quarter of St. Kitts has been set aside as Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is our optional morning tour. Lunch is a deck BBQ before we cruise to the nearby island of Nevis to enjoy swimming and beach activities. We dine at sea tonight en route to Montserrat.


We tie up first thing in Montserrat which is known as the “Pompeii of the Caribbean” as half was covered in ash by a volcano eruption in 1995. The remaining half is tropically lush but volcanoes are always imposing and we have an optional morning excursion to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to enjoy grand views of the caldera and surrounding areas. Tonight we’re dining at sea, cruising towards Iles des Saintes.

Montserrat Volcano
Underwater life in the Caribbean

Iles des Saintes

Iles des Saintes is distinctly French in character, colourful and delightful. After well timed early arrival you’re free to go ashore and enjoy picture-postcard views from Fort Napoléon, with its cactus garden, iguanas and maritime museum. Then why not stroll through French colonial Terre-de-Haut and enjoy swimming and snorkelling from a nearby sandy beach and lunch in a local beach bar. Once back on board we dine and set sail to cruise overnight to Dominica.


Dominica is generally regarded as the first of the Windward Islands, but known to tourists locally as ‘the nature island’ for its spectacular beauty and many protected reserves. Todays optional tour is a trip to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site at Morne Trois Pitons National Park, complete with the ruins of Fort Shirley and The Valley of Desolation. After a welcome afternoon swim swim we set sail for Bequia, and have dinner at sea.

How to explore the Caribbean


Bequia is the second largest island of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines, lying in the heart of the Caribbean. Arriving early morning you’ll get the chance to enjoy the small picturesque villages and brightly-coloured coral reefs that are its main attractions. There is an optional afternoon tour in Port Elizabeth to learn more about the island’s whaling heritage at the museum and look out for local crafts in colourful markets. Tonight, we have a farewell dinner and set sail for Barbados.



Arrive in Barbados and disembark after breakfast.

Leeward and British Virgin Islands

Departures: 7th December 2019 & 07th March 2020

Christopher Columbus named many of the islands in this section of the Leeward Islands and following Catholic tradition drew upon the story of Saint Ursula and the 11,000 virgins for a part of the chain. That was a bit of a mouthful and got sensibly shortened to ‘Virgin Islands’. Now variously territories of Britain, Spain and America, our itinerary keeps pretty closely to UK connections. Mostly the 60 islands and islets are volcanic in origin and were originally settled to produce sugar cane. Today the rugged hills are covered in verdant vegetation – it’s a stunningly beautiful place.


St. Martin

Embarkation in St. Martin and dinner on board. Depart for Antigua in the small hours.

Montserrat Volcano

Antigua – Montserrat

Early morning arrival at Antigua where, it’s said there are 365 beaches – one for every day of the year. After a swim stop and deck BBQ as we sail towards Montserrat where we arrive early afternoon. Montserrat is known as the ‘Pompeii of the Caribbean’ as it is half lush and half covered in ash from a volcano eruption in 1995. Our optional afternoon tour takes in the Montserrat Volcano Observatory from which you can get grand views of the volcano and surrounding areas. Tonight we dine onboard or ashore in harbour, then it’s an early morning departure for Saba.

St. Barths

Saba – St. Barths

A morning swim stop means you can tread water with views to Saba’s volcanic peaks rising majestically above the clear blue sea. We prepare a deck BBQ whilst we sail towards St. Barth’s, arriving for an afternoon at leisure to take a stroll through Gustavia, the relaxed capital, and visit the 17th-century forts. Alternatively take an optional afternoon hike along the Colombier Beach Trail, for a chance to see nesting red-billed tropic birds. Evening and dinner on board or ashore in port, with an early morning departure for Norman Island.

Norman Island, BVI

We arrive around noon at Norman Island. It’s the classic ‘Desert Island’ – uninhabited and privately owned. You can visit though and it’s popular for its three water level caves ideal for snorkelling. It’s actually quite lovely to find such a beautiful place with nobody there. We anchor here overnight, have a drink whilst watching the sunset, then have dinner.


We make an early morning departure heading for nearby Tortola Island for a swim and beach activities. Then we make a deck BBQ whilst sailing towards the quaintly named Jost Van Dyke laying among these beautiful island-dotted waters of the British Virgin Islands. It’s a chance to relax on the beach or enjoy some first-rate hiking trails, or to spend sunset at the Foxy’s Tamarind Bar located in Great Harbour which has been serving food and rum to sailors and visitors since 1966. Overnight and dinner at anchor.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Cruise
British Virgin Islands Sailing Cruise

Virgin Gorda

We leave early and arrive at nearby Virgin Gorda mid-morning. There’s time to spend on the beach and swimming but make sure you check out the area known as ‘The Baths’ – a curious assembly of house-sized boulders called which form huge underground pools and caverns. After a day in the sun it’s back to Voyager for dinner whilst we cruise overnight to Anguilla.



Columbus thought this flat island looked like an eel and (probably running out of names!) called it ‘Anguilla’ – or ‘the eel’ in Spanish. You don’t actually see many eels here-abouts, but the local fauna is interesting and varied and includes Cuban tree frogs, the red-footed tortoise, green iguanas and a handful of species of bats. It also has some spectacular coral reefs and sugar-soft beaches – ideal for the last day of your cruise to chill out and reflect on the sights you’ve seen. Overnight, cocktails and farewell dinner at anchor.

Caribbean West Indies

St. Martin

Early morning sailing for St. Martin. Arrive for breakfast and disembarkation at 9.00am.

Your vessel: the M/Y Variety Voyager

The new build 68m/223ft state of the art Mega Yacht accommodates just 72 passengers in 36 cabins. Built in 2012 under the latest International “Safety of Life At Sea” (SOLAS 2010) regulations and classified by RINA, the Variety Voyager guarantees guests safety with incomparable comfort and elegance. The Variety Voyager seduces her passengers with her sleek lines and ample deck space, very much what one expects from a millionaire’s super yacht.

 Inside, cabins and public areas are finished with warm fabrics, rich marbles, axminster carpeting and soft tones wood panelling.Everywhere, unobstructed views of the ocean and of the ports visited. And above all, the professional service of a crew of 32-33, always with a smile and a true desire to satisfy

Variety Voyager

Home at Sea

  • Single seating dining Indoor &
  • Outdoor Lounge – Bar
  • Indoor & Outdoor Restaurant
  • Special food requests
  • Audiovisual in Lounge
  • Mini library
  • Fitness equipment
  • Mini Spa Suite
  • Beach Towels
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Kayak
  • SUP
  • Board Games
  • Swimming Platform
  • Wi-Fi

Comfort Zone

  • Windows: upper & main deck cabins
  • Portholes: lower deck cabins
  • Triple Occupancy cabins: Category B & P
  • Flat-Screen TV
  • Mini Safe
  • Mini Fridge
  • CD & DVD player
  • Bathrobes
  • En suite bathroom with shower
  • Individually controlled A/C
  • Hairdryers
  • Telephone for internal use
  • Central music
Voyager Category C Cabin

Category C:

Lower Deck

Twin Beds or Double Bed

The category C cabins are located on the lower deck offering oversized twin port holes, bathrooms with marble floors as well as Glass and Corian showers. The cabins are equiped with individual controlled A/C, TV with DVD player, mini fridge, safe deposit box, deluxe toiletries and bathrobes and they all have WIFI at a charge.

Voyager Category B Cabin

Category B:

Lower/Main Deck

Twin Beds or Double Bed

The category B cabins are located on the lower and main deck offering oversized twin port holes (lower deck) or small double windows (main deck), bathroom with marble floors as well as Glass and Corian showers. 7 of the 10 cabins offer flexible bedding configuration. The cabins are equiped with individual controlled A/C, TV with DVD player, mini fridge, safe deposit box, deluxe toiletries and bathrobes and they all have WIFI at a charge.

Voyager Categoty A Cabin

Category A:

Main Deck

Twin Beds or Double Bed

The category A cabins are located on the main deck offering double windows, bathroom with marble floors as well as Glass and Corian showers. 9 of the 11 cabins offer flexible bedding configuration. The cabins are equiped with individual controlled A/C, TV with DVD player, mini fridge, safe deposit box, deluxe toiletries and bathrobes and they all have WIFI at a charge.

Voyager Category P Cabin

Category P

Upper Deck

Twin Beds or Double Bed

The category P cabins are located on the upper Horizons Deck offering double windows, all finished with marble throughout the bathrooms and more luxurious fabrics and special amenities. All cabins offer flexible bedding configuration while 4 of the 7 include an extra sofa bed. The cabins are equiped with individual controlled A/C, TV with DVD player, mini fridge, safe deposit box, deluxe toiletries and bathrobes and they all have WIFI at a charge.

Voyager Owners Suite

Owner’s Suite

Upper deck

Double bedded cabin

The Owner’s Suite is located on the upper Horizons Deck offering 2 x double windows, and is the largest cabin of the vessel. The Owner’s Suite offers flexible bedding configuration as well as an extra sofa bed. The cabin is finished with marble throughout the bathroom and luxurious fabrics & finishings and special amenities. The Suite is equiped with individual controlled A/C, TV with DVD player, mini fridge, safe deposit box, deluxe toiletries and bathrobes and has WIFI internet at a charge.

Variety Voyager Dining Area

Dining Area

Located on the Infinity deck, the glass enclosed dining room seats 75 passengers and allows for spectacular views around you, while dining in an elegant environment. It extends to the adjacent open deck dining room, also seating 50 passengers and allowing for breakfast, lunch or dinner to be taken “al fresco”. Food is served at the table or displayed on the state of the art hot & cold buffet which also includes an “a la minute cooking” section.
Variet Voyager Lounge Area

Lounge Area

Located on the Riviera deck, right off the reception area, the Lounge is gracefully designed and finished with wood panels. There is ample seating space for moments of pleasure or relaxation and modern AV equipment for presentations. The mini library just off the Riviera Lounge, offers a variety of books and magazines.
Variety Voyager Reception and bar

Reception and Bar

Reception area & Bar with audiovisual equipment. The ship also provides a library just off the Riviera Lounge, while you can enjoy a fresh made juice or a refreshing cocktail at the partly shaded sun deck lounge bar.
Variety Voyager Spa

Mini Spa Suite

Located on the Oceans deck, the Mini Spa suite has a massage room and sauna. Our Balinese Spa Supervisor also provides hair, face and nails treatments.

Optional Cruise & Stay

Extend your stay in barbados with a week at the Bougainvillea Barbados
This excellent property boasts no less than two superb sandy beaches and luxurious all suite accommodation.

Ideal for couples or families, the property enjoys a magnificant ocean front location, with a great range of facilities including a choice of two restaurants on site, three swiming pools, a full service salon and spa, a fitness centre and a beach watersports centre with paddle boards, kayaks, wimdsurfing. kite surfiing all available.

Bougainvillea Barbados

Prices for 7 nights (accommodation only) in a junior suite including transfers.


Form £799


Caribbean Treasures

2019 / 2020 Cruise Only Prices ($) Per Person
Saturday departures from Martinique, St Martin or Barbados
Vessel: M/Y Variety Voyager
Departure DatesCategory CCategory BCategory ACategory POwner's SuiteItineraryEarly Booking Discount
07/12/2019$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Leeward & BVI's20%
14/12/2019$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Leeward Islands & Barbados20%
21/12/2019$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Barbados and the Grenadines20%
28/12/2019$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Barbados and the Grenadines20%
04/01/2020$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Barbados and the Grenadines20%
11/01/2020$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Barbados and the Grenadines20%
07/03/2020$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Leeward & BVI's20%
14/03/2020$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Leeward Islands & Barbados20%
21/03/2020$2,490$2,890$3,390$4,290$5,690Barbados and the Grenadines20%

Caribbean Treasures - Port Charges and Supplements

 Category CCategory BCategory ACategory POwner's Suite
Port charges (mandatory)$290$290$290$290$290
Transfers from$60 per person
Single supplement60%60%60%60%60%
3rd Person reductionN/A30%N/A30%N/A
  • Accommodation in your choice of cabin grade with private SH/WC & air conditioning, mini fridge and flat screen TV with complimentary movies.
  • Full-board: Buffet breakfast and two meals daily, including a Welcome Cocktail, local Theme Evening, fun BBQ on the beach or on deck (weather permitting) and Captain’s Dinner.
  • Regular (filter) coffee, tea and drinking water free all day, plus abundant fresh fruit.
  • Use of fishing and snorkelling equipment, plus sea kayak (subject to availability).
  • Professional English speaking Cruise Director.
  • Flights & transfers (where booked as a flight inclusive package)
  • Beverages, except regular (filter) coffee, tea and drinking water.
  • Shore excursions on the islands or other land arrangements.
  • Crew gratuities (optional –  recommend  Eur10-14 per passenger per day)
  • Passenger personal expenses
  • Wi-Fi (available at charge)
  • Flights & transfers (unless booked as a flight inclusive package)

Direct flights from London Heathrow to Barbados or indirect flights from London Heathrow to Martinique (via Paris) or London Heathrow to St Martin (via Miami or Paris)

ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 9511

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