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Antiquity to Byzantium – Itinerary

The classic spring or late summer cruise

Day 1

Emparkation 2 to 3 pm . Embark in Athens – Epidauros – On arrival transfer to Marina Zea for embarkation. After you board, you’ll enjoy a Welcome Aboard cocktail party. Your ship sets sail that afternoon towards the harbour of Palea Epidauros.

Day 2

Epidauros – Nafplion – In the morning you have the opportunity to visit the famous ancient amphitheatre, widely regarded as one of the best preserved ancient sites in Greece. After lunch aboard the ship we sail for Nafplion.

Day 3

Nafplion – Excursion to Mycenae – After a short walking tour of Nafplion, we drive through the colourful city and beautiful countryside of Argolis towards Mycenae. The history of the city, which Homer called “rich in gold”, begins in 1650 B.C and ends around 1100 B.C with the fall of the civilization to which it gives its name. Overnight sailing to Gythion.

Day 4

Gythion (excursion) – Early morning arrival in Gythion. Here we have an excursion to the Mani Peninsula and Cape Tenaro with a visit to the spectacular Dirou Caves. Ancient Gythion was used by the Spartans as a naval base during the Peloponnesian war. We set sail in the evening and head towards Pylos.

Day 5

Pylos (excursion) – Pylos, is a picture-perfect seaside town on the southwest corner of the Peloponnese. In 1827, Allied Forces with British, French and Russian vessels defeated an Ottoman fleet in one of the most important naval battles in history, the Battle of Navarino. This defeat led to the independence of Greece, which occurred in 1829. After stopping to admire the scenery, we will continue up the road to Nestor’s Palace. The remains of the prehistoric Palace occupy a scenic hilltop setting north of Pylos.

Day 6

Katakolon / Olympia (excursion) – Early morning arrival in Katakolon. We will disembark the ship around 7:00 a.m. in the port town of Katakolon and travel by bus to Olympia, one of the most famous and important sites in the ancient world. Following lunch in the town of Olympia, we’ll visit the museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity. Unlike the main archaeological museum, this building houses statues and artefacts specifically related to the ancient Olympic Games. After having time at leisure we will travel overland to Patras on the north coast of the peninsula, where we will re-board our ship and depart for Itea in the Gulf of Corinth. Overnight at Itea.

Day 7

Itea / Delphi (excursion) – Morning excursion to Delphi, one of the most revered sites of the ancient world. We will disembark the ship early this morning and proceed to the ruins complex. Unlike other archaeological sites in Greece, Delphi is built on the side of a mountain. First time visitors are awed as much for the stunning natural beauty that surround the ruins as for the ancient buildings themselves. Return to ship and cross the Corinth Canal. Overnight in Marina Zea.

Day 8

Marina Zea – Disembark after breakfast for your transfer to the airport for returning flights or to your accommodation if you’re extending your stay.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to weather and operating conditions and may be changed at the Captain’s discretion

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